Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lobak ♥

I believed that mostly all of the Chinese have tasted Lobak since we are children.

Especially when there are some important Chinese festivals such as Chinese New Year and Hungry Ghost Festival which falls on this month, Hehe! During these crucial festivals for Chinese, there will be come celebration on the street or "Pekan", and definitely there will be  stalls selling Lobak at there ~

Passed by the stalls last week, being attracted by the Lobak's scent, decided to have dinner at there, Hehe!

After tasting it, overall it was so-so only, my hometown one is much more better than this, Haha!

Yet, have relived the memory that whenever there was any festival celebration in Pekan of my hometown, my mommy always brought me to the Pekan and "tabao" a big packet of lobak and went back to home, ate together with family. =) I miss that time ♥

Last night just went back from an event, Grandeurof Beauty 2010 which is organised in PISA Penang during this weekend. Gona blog about the event soon, stay tuned ^^

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