Sunday, August 1, 2010

Received Hada Labo Sample ~ ♥

Hehe! It has been a week ago I received the Hada Labo toner sample~

The toner came in tiny and cute botol that I think it's convenient to bring to travel~ kaka! =)

I have tried to use their products which are moisturizer cleanser and toner~ 

Very nice effect which it's really moisturize our skin~ And most important that it won't greasy~ Love it ~

Very short post here~ Hehe! Help me click the ads o~ Thanks ^^


  1. Hw u get the sample de?
    Coz u're the regular customer?
    U heard bout b.liv (cellnique) product?

  2. Nope, I've registered to get their product samples in their Facebook page ~ hehe!

    cellnique? I haven heard wor, I just know clinique lu.. That one nice to use?

  3. Many ppl said nice loh..but expensive..wanna get the samples..but dunno hw..lolxx

  4. Yea, that brand is quite expensive de.. I oso duno how to get their sample products but u can try to visit their official website and note whether got this kind of thing or not lu.. Hehe~

  5. hey can you link me to the hada labo's fb page? There's so many pages of Hada Labo I dont knw which one to click :P

  6. kimchigirl111, I registered through this Facebook page but I think the samples were all given out o~