Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Seaside" ♥

Today is not a sunny day yet my mood is still at the state of enjoyment and happy ~
Because it’s a raining day ~
I like the feeling of when I wake up, realize that it’s a raining day, then covering myself with my warm blanket, hugging my bear bear, continue sleeping ~ Awww, such blissful if I can do that on every rainy morning, Hehe!
Okay, I know it’s impossible la. Have to continue working for another 1 month and after that still have to attend lectures ~~~
Recently so many things I want to blog about but I’m so lazy ~ Thus, there are still something left behind waiting me to blog about, Haha!
Luckily today’s weather is so adorable, makes me have the mood to update my blog ~ Kakaz!
Today I’m going to blog about the day went seaside with my hubby ~
I believe there are a lots of people love to have a walk at seaside. Me as well ~ Looking at the wide and seems boundary-less sea, idk why, seems can let someone to think more deeply and cheer up us with some “happy mood” injected into our hearts, Hehe!
Actually the seaside we went seems cannot be counted as a “real” seaside. Why? Because there is no sand at the seaside, just grasses and rocks cover everywhere. It’s the seaside near Queensbay, Penang ~ Study at Penang already about 2 years ++, we never go there have a walk although we always go to Queensbay Mall, haha! Hence, that day we decided to go and have a look at there after shopping at Qb ~
The view at there is quite graceful and attractive. From there, we can see the Penang bridge and small islands opposite the seaside. I was wondering whether one of the island is Pulau Jerejak? Because I still remember, someone told me so... @.@
Others that enjoying the sea breeze and natural scenery at there, you can also see there are some children or adults are playing “Wau” behind there. There are some small temporary stores or cars along the seaside, they are selling food, drinks, clothes and etc. Idk so much about that because we went there at about 6pm++, maybe still early for them to start their business. Haha!
Only a few of photos have been taken since we went there for about 10 minutes only, Hehe!
 Can see Penang Bridge from far ~

 Us, with big big smile, hehe!
 Pinched Bi's face ~~~ Wakaka! =P
 Rocks and the island opposite us ~
 The motor boat. Captured by Lovely Bi ~
 An  aircraft was flying over us ~ Zoooming ^^
 Flying away ~
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This post actually was finished written by me on Sunday morning.
Yet, something happened after, trapped me in fear and shock condition.
Mood and Mind became unstable.
Even until now, the scene still showing vividly on my mind.
Keep horrifying me.
Yet, I believe I will get better soon.
Because I have my family, Bi and friends who are supporting and love me all the time.
I want to face my everyday with a very very bright and cheerful smile because it's such a beautiful and lucky matter to be breath on the earth. ♥
Remember, we will never can predict what will happen in the next second. Treasure everyone and everything besides you, live your life with colors, don't only left regret and blank when come to the end.