Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pesta Penang 2011

Zomg, as usual, I'm here again after decades, haha!

Time flies. It's end of December 2011 already! I just realized it few days before...
December is always my favorite month because of some reasons. Because this is my birthday month , holiday month (for students only but everyone will be in holiday mood as well ! :D ), christmas is coming, new year is coming and CNY is COMING as well ! Yay, can get many many angpauS ^^

Erm, might not create a birthday post because I'm LAZY. Yet, will update some photos in my FB after. Okay, back to the topic, went to Pesta Penang 2011 which is organized every Dec annually at Penang on last week with Bi ♥ There are a lot of mini stalls which are selling almost the same things such as the keropok, furniture, clothes, toys and etc. There is also some extraordinary one which is selling "fighting fishes"  (Sorry, I don't know what exactly to be called) and hamsters, inside the Pesta which is fulled of games, LOL.. 

Snapped some photos using my handphone as that was an unplanned trip. So, excuse me for the low quality photos, Hehe! 

Some fake I-city scenes @ there ~ :D

 The huge dinosaur hanging just outside the "ghost house"

The most popular game throughout the Pesta, hehe!

 The Euro Wheel.

 Mickey Mickey ~ Minnie Minnie ~

Ohya, if you are coming for the Pesta and not familiar with that area, when you are looking for car park, remember don't park at those residential area which is dark and unsafe, even worsen the so called jaga is GREEDY ! They charge bloody RM5 for one car to park at the roadside which is just near to their houses. (Not all but mostly, I think.) There are a lot of car parking lots behind the Pesta itself and also besides the Sg. Nibong bus station (they charge only RM0.40 per 1/2 hour). They are much more reasonable and have safer parking places.

Christmas is just around the corner, wish you all Merry Christmas and have prosperous new year ahead ! :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend - San ♥

You Nv, Happy Birthday yea ~ 
Turning 22 years old liao lu ~ Very old lo you ~ HAHA! (Please don't beat me =P)

This is a special post created for you ~
Please don't feel too touching okay? HAHAHA!

Knew you since Form One but I guest we are getting closer only starting from Form Two.
I remember we love to take photos and we only will satisfy with the photos like after hundred times of re-shooting? (Okay, I admit I'm over, hehe!)

And we used to going everywhere in pairs such as toilets, canteen and etc... =D
Besides that, we used to sms each other before hanging out and asking each other : "Eh, later what you wear har?" "Later you got wear high heel or not?" "Later you wear dress or pants ar?"
So then, we will be discussing about the dressing before hanging in order to avoid over dressed or under dressed ~ We are really cute huh? HAHA!

Another cutier thing, still remember our 冥王星人 and 火星人 story? HAHA!
I have forgotten how were we named each other as these aliens already la but I do remember we used to talk in so called alien languages which is actually talking nonsense that is meaningless and people besides us usually will look at us with this emotion --> =.="
And we will still continue talk and talk and talk, until we can't bear with the funny-ness and starting to laugh loud, HAHA!
Seriously, I do really miss that moment.

Although nowadays we are seldom meeting each other due to the work or study, I believe that our friendship is not fading ~
The memories between us will be keeping inside my heart forever =)

Again, Happy Birthday my dear friend YOU NV aka 冥王星人 ~ Stay sweet as you are now ~ 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Love ♥

* This is a post specially created for him*

Happy Birthday to you ~
Happy Birthday to you ~
Happy Birthday to Ah Bi ~
Happy Birthday to you ~

Yay, today this Bi is going to turn older ~ HAHA !
Wish you stay healthy, happy, and sweet forever with me ~ =D

Time is flying and it has been two years ++ we have been together.
I'm glad that to have you comfort me while I'm having my difficult time, cheer me up when I'm sad, helping me when I'm facing problem, by my side whenever I need you.
We have gone through the tough and easy moment.
I have to thank God that I have met you and fall into you.
I'm really lucky to have you by my side.
I wish and I know, we will be holding hand together and go through the rest of our lives ~

On your big day, hope you like the little pressies that I've made for you.
The Memory Album that I'm sure ants will be craving for ~

And the Sweet Cake that I specially baked for you ~ Yea, sure it's in your favorite flavor --> red bean ~

And finally, a different types of cake has been made by someone very Pai :

And the someone-very-Pai is -------->


Happy Birthday once again, my Bi. :)

Friday, November 11, 2011


Ding Dong Ding Dong, Housekeeping here ~ HAHAHA!
It's like one or two months ago I have not update my bloggie, haiz...
There was sometimes I really into blogging mood yet my LAZINESS always overtook the mood, haha!

Ehem, where should I start from?
Okay, let's start with my work maybe?
Emm, in fact yesterday was my last day of staying at my first company, Lol...
Don't ask me why ~~~
Just stay curious as you are now ~ =D
I think I will only miss my colleagues there as they are indeed very helpful and friendly ~ ♥

Okay, going to talk about my dinner last night.
Bi and I went to Sticks Bistro for our dinner as he has bought a coupon cost RM28 (Including one main course and one dessert) from one of the Deal Deal thingy (Sorry, I have forgotten it, haha) to dine in at this restaurant which is just located in front of QB mall.
We have ordered the main course of Grill Lamb Chop for the coupon and another plate of Grill Volcano Chicken.
Well, both of the food were freaking FAILED ! (At least in my opinion la)
The so called Grill Volcano Chicken was so cold and hard while the sauce pour on the chicken is only the chilli sauce we used to take together with the chicken rice in the hawker stalls. Really disappointing.
For the grill lamb chop, Bi claimed that it's not bad but I felt it still has the goat nature smelly taste, yucks ! :s
But then, I still have some photos for them, haha!

Bi ~

Ice chocolate ~

Grill Volcano Chicken ~

Grill Lamb Chop ~

Planning to have short updates next time so that my bloggie can be updated more frequently. ;)

P/s : Whenever people did something bad to you, 
just stay calm because
 soon they will screw themselves up
 and if you are lucky, 
God will let you watch.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Shots ♥

Just found out some random photos from my hp ~

Gonna share out here to you all ~

Like to capture some random photos whenever feels like wanna capturing that memorable moment ~

Maybe it seems meaningless for you but it meant thousands for me because it happened in my life ~

Photos do help you to keep your moment

Cutie En En likes to play my hp ~ Haha! Her serious face is cute ! =D 

Kim Gary's August Member's food - 叠叠乐~ 

Have been heard that Shi Lin Mee sua is tasty, finally I have tried out together with Bi ~ Indeed it's pretty good in taste, BUT the 蚵仔 is very geli ! >_<" (Deducting marks)

Some sea side photos that were captured before my department's dinner ~

Love their desserts ^^ ♥ ♥

My sister helped to bought some e-vouchers so that I can enjoy 3 course meals at Chopper Board at only rm9.90 ! The 3 course meal including drink, garlic bread + soup of the day, one chosen main meal and dessert, it's worthy right? Haha ~ 

Chose spaghetti ~

Bi chose Hainan Chicken Chop rice ~ 

Desserts ~ Very So-So taste ~ @.@

Tried out Taiwan Bull last week as Bi never been there ~

Their recommended drink - Sour Plum Pow Pow ~ This is good, try out if you go for this restaurant ~ =D

Their recommended and popular food as well - Beef Noodle ~ Bi said the soup taste like Bak Kut Teh and the beef's texture is soft enough, Hehe ! And the amount of beef they gave is generous enough, Haha!

My Spicy Seafood Noodle ~ Their recommended food as well ~ Ohya, all their noodle meal is actually in Ramen, very Q ^^ If you love spicy food, go for this, thumbs up ! =D

Dessert - Loving Bean Frozen ~ Bi's favorite ^^ But their ice is quite rough... =.=

Okay, gonna having my drama right now ~ 

Dada ~

P/s :   Happy On Diet ! =)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Love ♥

Being introduced to watch one Thailand movie <<初恋这件小事>> by one the famous Malaysian bloggers ~

The title of this movie has been catching my eyes and attention, therefore I have went to it ~

Spent around two days to finish it because I have only night time to watch, Lol...

Overall, it's indeed a great movie !

Not in terms of actions, acting skill or what, I just love how the main characters act in their natural way ~

This movie will definitely bring you back to the feeling of First Love where it's sweet and memorable ~

The scene of main actor flip over the album that is made specially for the main actress made me cried like nobody business, Lol..

Just love the feeling of this movie, of course the ending as well ~ ♥ ♥

Spending two hours to watch this movie will let you have a simple surprise ~ =)

Monday, August 22, 2011

我滴周末 。 20/210811 ♥







午餐,我们尝试了Siam Express,总的来说,食物真的都很棒!好吃~ ♥ 


Siam Express ~


泰国青咖喱,很好吃噢!不会太过于辣,椰浆味很浓~ =D

Belacan 炒饭,这个也好吃!配着他们家的Belacan还更香 ~

配着青咖喱的白饭,炸小鸡腿很入味,我很爱~ 芒果沙拉也很好吃很开胃,女生一定超爱吃~~~ =D

Ice Peach tea (左)出乎意料的比 Ice Lemon Tea(右)好喝~

Tom Yam 汤,味道偏酸,辣味适中,也不错~



最近我和阿比都爱上了那里的“苹果野果珍珠红茶” !


超大一瓶才Rm3.50 ~



这是我们吃过最不好吃的炸酱面~ =.=

最干最硬的炸鸡排~~ 所以说,去那里喝茶就好了~~~ 哈哈!







太可惜了啦~ >_<








P/s : Treasure and Love everyone and everything besides you in your life ~