Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Love ♥

Being introduced to watch one Thailand movie <<初恋这件小事>> by one the famous Malaysian bloggers ~

The title of this movie has been catching my eyes and attention, therefore I have went to it ~

Spent around two days to finish it because I have only night time to watch, Lol...

Overall, it's indeed a great movie !

Not in terms of actions, acting skill or what, I just love how the main characters act in their natural way ~

This movie will definitely bring you back to the feeling of First Love where it's sweet and memorable ~

The scene of main actor flip over the album that is made specially for the main actress made me cried like nobody business, Lol..

Just love the feeling of this movie, of course the ending as well ~ ♥ ♥

Spending two hours to watch this movie will let you have a simple surprise ~ =)

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