Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have a new blog ♥

Hehe! Yup, I have a new blog le lu~

Since my LI company is a domain name reseller and web hosting company, so I was given a domain name as well.
Sure, they are giving me this domain name relates to my LI stuff too. I'm required to write and post the things that I have learned during my LI period in the blog too lu~ Hehe ^^

Click on this to navigate to my blog now~

You can view there are total of 3 images in the webpage you browse. Well, there are total of 3 different blogs of mine that represent the 3 different aspects of my life ~♥ The first image represents my study life that will be written about my LI things~ You can view this blog if you are interested on IT ~ Next image will be my Life blog. This blog will be written about my friends, my life and my family as well~ ♥ And the last image represents my lovestory blog which notes about my life with my hubby lu~ ♥ hehe!

Emm, due to the inconvenience of updating my post in 2 different site which are here and my personal blog, I will prefer to update at Celeste's site ~ Definitely, I will browse to here frequently as before to check any updates at here~

Lastly, do visit my site ya^^

Monday, June 21, 2010



因为,还记得在签offer letter的时候,我有向那个负责人问说offer letter 上的"alternating saturday"是指每个间隔的星期六都要来上班吗?还记得他回复说,“不是每个间隔的星期六都需要来,只是偶尔在需要的时候来就可以了。”


就算自己多纳闷,多不服,始终还是得去适应,毕竟,还有漫长的四个月啊~~ 只能不停的说服自己,这只是LI,这只是LI,没关系,没关系。。

上个星期六,我也得去上班。到了办公室,才发现只有六,七个人而已。。而且来上班的人都是需要来应付紧急状态的员工,就像technician, customer service, telephone support的人。。而我的部门,也就是R&D的人也需要来是因为负责全办公室的hardware,若有什么突发状况,就可以去查看。可是啊,我这个trainee,都只是programming的,都没有负责什么maintain hardware的,都不懂为什么还要过来。。就只是因为我的supervisor需要过来,所以我就一定也要来。。就只是呆呆的坐着,感觉,很虚度光阴。。

唉。。。算了,也熬过一个月了,要一直提醒自己,这只是LI,没关系。。。。。。加油噢!! ♥

Friday, June 18, 2010

~ Life is Like Chocolate~

Life is Like Chocolate

Why do we say so?

Because during our lifetime, we will face some difficulities, time that we are down, some obstacles and other things that cause us feel sad and cry.

This condition is just same with chocolate.

Chocolate is just sweet and smooth but it is mixed with some nuts which are quite hard to masticate


Life is Like Chocolate, sometimes have to deal with nuts.

Everyone would face difficulities along their lives. When faces difficulities, don't try to blame others. don't feel down and don't cry.

Instead, might find someone you really believe in, talk with him / them.
You will find it works ^^

Maybe you are not used to talk to friends, try to do something that can calm your mind or release your mind.

Do some exercises, go to the seaside, taking one piece of your favourite cake, taking one scoop of ice cream or chocolate, you will find that, it helps you a lot.

By possesing the calm and peaceful mind, you will find out, your life is still wonderful and colourful.

~Enjoy Life~

Thursday, June 17, 2010









Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dumpling's Day

Today is Dumpling's day~ Or we can call as Bak Zhang Day or 端午节~

Since I'm still a kid, I love to eat dumpling very much odi~

Memories flooding towards me, I use to help my mommy to wrap bak zhang every year~

Although I'm not really expert to wrap dumpling but mommy and grandma always taught me patiently~ (Unfortunately, until now, I haven learn it yet! Wahaha! XD)

Not just only me like to gao gao zan when grandma and mommy were wrapping bak zhang, my little cousin oso same geng wif me,haha! But dat moment is so memorable since the atmosphere around is full of warm and love~

After cooking the dumpling, the dumpling odi can be served^^

Usually mommy will keep the dumpling that have to be used to 拜拜 first, then the rest will be available for us (dinasours) to eat liao lu~ wakaka!

One interesting thing in my family is that, childrens in our family all don't like to eat the 甜粽 which is eaten together wif the black sugar, we only eat 咸粽 which is wrap wif meat and yellow yolk~ Yummy^^

Yesterday I have eaten 1 bak zhang which is given to my hubby by his colleague. The bak zhang is quite ok but I still think it's miss out of something else.

I think this is because I only love the bak zhang wrapped by my mommy^^ Because for me, the bak zhang wrapped by my mommy is the most delicious bak zhang in the world o~ Hehe =)

Today is bak zhang day, I really miss the mommy's bak zhang~~~~

Thus, keep reminding myself that, this saturday when going back home, then can eat mommy's bak zhang odi^^ And, I must eat at least 10 bak zhang!! Wakaka! =P

At last, Happy Dumpling Day to all ~ =)

Monday, June 14, 2010

~Help Me to Click the Link~

Currently I'm joining the competition that is held my LI company which is Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd.

In this competition, we are required to promote their websites.

For each competitor, we will have different link that will allow system to track that the person redirect to the Exabytes's websites is through which competitor.

The winner have to accumulate over 1000 unique clicks o~

The competition will be ended on 1st of July, 2010!

Thus, I need you all please help me click the links as frequent as you can o because each click will be counted as one unique click o~

And there is unlimited clicks per day per IP~ Hehe~

So whenever you are free and on9, please help me to click the link too la~~ Hehe!

Thanks^^ =)

The link :


This link will redirect you to the Exabytes Malaysia main webpage ~ ^0^