Monday, June 14, 2010

~Help Me to Click the Link~

Currently I'm joining the competition that is held my LI company which is Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd.

In this competition, we are required to promote their websites.

For each competitor, we will have different link that will allow system to track that the person redirect to the Exabytes's websites is through which competitor.

The winner have to accumulate over 1000 unique clicks o~

The competition will be ended on 1st of July, 2010!

Thus, I need you all please help me click the links as frequent as you can o because each click will be counted as one unique click o~

And there is unlimited clicks per day per IP~ Hehe~

So whenever you are free and on9, please help me to click the link too la~~ Hehe!

Thanks^^ =)

The link :

This link will redirect you to the Exabytes Malaysia main webpage ~ ^0^

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