Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dumpling's Day

Today is Dumpling's day~ Or we can call as Bak Zhang Day or 端午节~

Since I'm still a kid, I love to eat dumpling very much odi~

Memories flooding towards me, I use to help my mommy to wrap bak zhang every year~

Although I'm not really expert to wrap dumpling but mommy and grandma always taught me patiently~ (Unfortunately, until now, I haven learn it yet! Wahaha! XD)

Not just only me like to gao gao zan when grandma and mommy were wrapping bak zhang, my little cousin oso same geng wif me,haha! But dat moment is so memorable since the atmosphere around is full of warm and love~

After cooking the dumpling, the dumpling odi can be served^^

Usually mommy will keep the dumpling that have to be used to 拜拜 first, then the rest will be available for us (dinasours) to eat liao lu~ wakaka!

One interesting thing in my family is that, childrens in our family all don't like to eat the 甜粽 which is eaten together wif the black sugar, we only eat 咸粽 which is wrap wif meat and yellow yolk~ Yummy^^

Yesterday I have eaten 1 bak zhang which is given to my hubby by his colleague. The bak zhang is quite ok but I still think it's miss out of something else.

I think this is because I only love the bak zhang wrapped by my mommy^^ Because for me, the bak zhang wrapped by my mommy is the most delicious bak zhang in the world o~ Hehe =)

Today is bak zhang day, I really miss the mommy's bak zhang~~~~

Thus, keep reminding myself that, this saturday when going back home, then can eat mommy's bak zhang odi^^ And, I must eat at least 10 bak zhang!! Wakaka! =P

At last, Happy Dumpling Day to all ~ =)


  1. anyway, that is not 甜粽,is ki zhang~
    That one also not bad ma, small small de size, very cute one XD
    Later we might go buy bak zhang to eat la,abo no the atmosphere of bak zhang day d~ ^^
    Happy dumpling day ya sweet heart =)

  2. Hubby -> yaya, is ki zhang,honey forgot the name jor ma,haha! yeah,later got bak zhang eat liao,good~ Happy dumpling day too hubby~ =) Muazz!