Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have a new blog ♥

Hehe! Yup, I have a new blog le lu~

Since my LI company is a domain name reseller and web hosting company, so I was given a domain name as well.
Sure, they are giving me this domain name relates to my LI stuff too. I'm required to write and post the things that I have learned during my LI period in the blog too lu~ Hehe ^^

Click on this to navigate to my blog now~

You can view there are total of 3 images in the webpage you browse. Well, there are total of 3 different blogs of mine that represent the 3 different aspects of my life ~♥ The first image represents my study life that will be written about my LI things~ You can view this blog if you are interested on IT ~ Next image will be my Life blog. This blog will be written about my friends, my life and my family as well~ ♥ And the last image represents my lovestory blog which notes about my life with my hubby lu~ ♥ hehe!

Emm, due to the inconvenience of updating my post in 2 different site which are here and my personal blog, I will prefer to update at Celeste's site ~ Definitely, I will browse to here frequently as before to check any updates at here~

Lastly, do visit my site ya^^

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