Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend - San ♥

You Nv, Happy Birthday yea ~ 
Turning 22 years old liao lu ~ Very old lo you ~ HAHA! (Please don't beat me =P)

This is a special post created for you ~
Please don't feel too touching okay? HAHAHA!

Knew you since Form One but I guest we are getting closer only starting from Form Two.
I remember we love to take photos and we only will satisfy with the photos like after hundred times of re-shooting? (Okay, I admit I'm over, hehe!)

And we used to going everywhere in pairs such as toilets, canteen and etc... =D
Besides that, we used to sms each other before hanging out and asking each other : "Eh, later what you wear har?" "Later you got wear high heel or not?" "Later you wear dress or pants ar?"
So then, we will be discussing about the dressing before hanging in order to avoid over dressed or under dressed ~ We are really cute huh? HAHA!

Another cutier thing, still remember our 冥王星人 and 火星人 story? HAHA!
I have forgotten how were we named each other as these aliens already la but I do remember we used to talk in so called alien languages which is actually talking nonsense that is meaningless and people besides us usually will look at us with this emotion --> =.="
And we will still continue talk and talk and talk, until we can't bear with the funny-ness and starting to laugh loud, HAHA!
Seriously, I do really miss that moment.

Although nowadays we are seldom meeting each other due to the work or study, I believe that our friendship is not fading ~
The memories between us will be keeping inside my heart forever =)

Again, Happy Birthday my dear friend YOU NV aka 冥王星人 ~ Stay sweet as you are now ~ 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Love ♥

* This is a post specially created for him*

Happy Birthday to you ~
Happy Birthday to you ~
Happy Birthday to Ah Bi ~
Happy Birthday to you ~

Yay, today this Bi is going to turn older ~ HAHA !
Wish you stay healthy, happy, and sweet forever with me ~ =D

Time is flying and it has been two years ++ we have been together.
I'm glad that to have you comfort me while I'm having my difficult time, cheer me up when I'm sad, helping me when I'm facing problem, by my side whenever I need you.
We have gone through the tough and easy moment.
I have to thank God that I have met you and fall into you.
I'm really lucky to have you by my side.
I wish and I know, we will be holding hand together and go through the rest of our lives ~

On your big day, hope you like the little pressies that I've made for you.
The Memory Album that I'm sure ants will be craving for ~

And the Sweet Cake that I specially baked for you ~ Yea, sure it's in your favorite flavor --> red bean ~

And finally, a different types of cake has been made by someone very Pai :

And the someone-very-Pai is -------->


Happy Birthday once again, my Bi. :)

Friday, November 11, 2011


Ding Dong Ding Dong, Housekeeping here ~ HAHAHA!
It's like one or two months ago I have not update my bloggie, haiz...
There was sometimes I really into blogging mood yet my LAZINESS always overtook the mood, haha!

Ehem, where should I start from?
Okay, let's start with my work maybe?
Emm, in fact yesterday was my last day of staying at my first company, Lol...
Don't ask me why ~~~
Just stay curious as you are now ~ =D
I think I will only miss my colleagues there as they are indeed very helpful and friendly ~ ♥

Okay, going to talk about my dinner last night.
Bi and I went to Sticks Bistro for our dinner as he has bought a coupon cost RM28 (Including one main course and one dessert) from one of the Deal Deal thingy (Sorry, I have forgotten it, haha) to dine in at this restaurant which is just located in front of QB mall.
We have ordered the main course of Grill Lamb Chop for the coupon and another plate of Grill Volcano Chicken.
Well, both of the food were freaking FAILED ! (At least in my opinion la)
The so called Grill Volcano Chicken was so cold and hard while the sauce pour on the chicken is only the chilli sauce we used to take together with the chicken rice in the hawker stalls. Really disappointing.
For the grill lamb chop, Bi claimed that it's not bad but I felt it still has the goat nature smelly taste, yucks ! :s
But then, I still have some photos for them, haha!

Bi ~

Ice chocolate ~

Grill Volcano Chicken ~

Grill Lamb Chop ~

Planning to have short updates next time so that my bloggie can be updated more frequently. ;)

P/s : Whenever people did something bad to you, 
just stay calm because
 soon they will screw themselves up
 and if you are lucky, 
God will let you watch.