Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Love ♥

* This is a post specially created for him*

Happy Birthday to you ~
Happy Birthday to you ~
Happy Birthday to Ah Bi ~
Happy Birthday to you ~

Yay, today this Bi is going to turn older ~ HAHA !
Wish you stay healthy, happy, and sweet forever with me ~ =D

Time is flying and it has been two years ++ we have been together.
I'm glad that to have you comfort me while I'm having my difficult time, cheer me up when I'm sad, helping me when I'm facing problem, by my side whenever I need you.
We have gone through the tough and easy moment.
I have to thank God that I have met you and fall into you.
I'm really lucky to have you by my side.
I wish and I know, we will be holding hand together and go through the rest of our lives ~

On your big day, hope you like the little pressies that I've made for you.
The Memory Album that I'm sure ants will be craving for ~

And the Sweet Cake that I specially baked for you ~ Yea, sure it's in your favorite flavor --> red bean ~

And finally, a different types of cake has been made by someone very Pai :

And the someone-very-Pai is -------->


Happy Birthday once again, my Bi. :)


  1. sweet!~ hehe!
    after seeing this, it make me felt sorry for ah jian. since i taking it kinda easy n cincai wit his birthday. > <

  2. Lol.. Haha!
    Never too late to treat him better ! =D