Wednesday, December 26, 2012

25122012 ♥

I'm here again, hehe! To update my long abandoned bloggie :) Hope I can keep here posted, although just a short one ♥

Today's Christmas day ! What have you done on today? Outing with loved ones? Rocking at parties? Staying at home? I was actually just staying at home doing nothing with Bi for the whole afternoon, hehe! Just out for dessert at night :) A very simple yet warming Christmas I would say ♥ 

A brand new year is coming soon ~ Think back how are you doing in this year and plan what you should do on next year ahead :) Forgot all the sadness you have gone through this year because great things are waiting for you on coming days ♥ ♥

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas is coming ~

Hey yo, another blog post to swept away the dust here, hehe!
Will a short one anyway :p
Christmas is coming ! How's your celebration planning?
Mine one will be just another window shopping day maybe? :)
Working tends to put people into a boring, dull routine lifestyle, sad case... =.="
Anyway, I have planned a CNY clothes shopping trip ^^ Excited and waiting for that, yeah

Merry Christmas to you

Hope the Santa Claus brings joys to all of us ^^

Sunday, August 26, 2012

23082012 <3

Last Thursday was Lunar Valentine's day :)
Happy belated Lunar Valentine's day to you all, hehe ~
So, after work, Bi brought me to Morganfield at Gurney Paragon to have our dinner :)
That was my first time dine in there but it was Bi's second time already, haha..
Well, Morganfield's signature dish would definitely be pork ribs la :D From the previous dine in experience, Bi ordered BBQ sauce pork rib ~ It's yummy :3 besides that, we have ordered smokehouse bacon cheese burger to try on, quite nice as well~ But we were too full afterwards, lol :S
Lastly, thanks Bi for the treat! And also, love you <3 <3 hehe...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

19082012 <3

A long lost gathering with my besties aka old friends :)

Decided to have a short trip to Penang (Well, I know I always stay in Penang =p)

Beginning of the journey, they were being late for one hour from the original fixed time, expected XD

Then we departed to Chew Jetty ^^ always passed by here but this was my first time been here ~ That day was a sunny day, the sun is extremely passion to us, haha! Before reaching the far end of the jetty, you have to pass by a corridor/street which is the street between the houses of the residents there. Some of the residents are selling the accessories such as hat, sunglasses, sandals and even souvenirs just in front of their houses, they really have marketing knowledge huh, haha! Besides that, you will be able to catch a wall painting by Ernest Zacharevic somewhere in the middle of the street :) about 10mins later,reached the end of the jetty, and we were enjoying the sea breeze and view at there. :)

Due to the says of "exposed to sea breeze too long time will cause our skin tone become darker" is too horrible, we left Chew Jetty like after 3 mins at there, hahaha!

The next station is Montree47 ~ the town road was closed on Sunday so we walked to there T.T imagine how hot~~ They don't serve main course, so we just ordered some side dishes and drinks :) After that would like to go to Soul Kitchen but unfortunately it was closed on that day =.= Hence, plan changed to First Avenue Choo Master~

After having lunch, went to Batu Ferringi. We have chilling and chit chat time at there ~ Hehe!

Last station for dinner, Delicious @ Straits Quay :)

That was a simple yet warming gathering :) Glad to have them, besties <3 br="br">

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


看了会一直问旁边的他,你会不会这样喜欢别的女生?会不会?会不会?看一集问一次,哈哈哈哈哈!~ 我知道我很烦 :p
因为啊,我想看到最后,俩夫妇会合好然后幸福快乐的活下去~~(以为是童话故事 XD)