Sunday, August 26, 2012

23082012 <3

Last Thursday was Lunar Valentine's day :)
Happy belated Lunar Valentine's day to you all, hehe ~
So, after work, Bi brought me to Morganfield at Gurney Paragon to have our dinner :)
That was my first time dine in there but it was Bi's second time already, haha..
Well, Morganfield's signature dish would definitely be pork ribs la :D From the previous dine in experience, Bi ordered BBQ sauce pork rib ~ It's yummy :3 besides that, we have ordered smokehouse bacon cheese burger to try on, quite nice as well~ But we were too full afterwards, lol :S
Lastly, thanks Bi for the treat! And also, love you <3 <3 hehe...


  1. The food looks really really good! And happy belated Lunar Valentines to you <3 Do drop by my blog when you are free :D Thanks!