Friday, June 18, 2010

~ Life is Like Chocolate~

Life is Like Chocolate

Why do we say so?

Because during our lifetime, we will face some difficulities, time that we are down, some obstacles and other things that cause us feel sad and cry.

This condition is just same with chocolate.

Chocolate is just sweet and smooth but it is mixed with some nuts which are quite hard to masticate


Life is Like Chocolate, sometimes have to deal with nuts.

Everyone would face difficulities along their lives. When faces difficulities, don't try to blame others. don't feel down and don't cry.

Instead, might find someone you really believe in, talk with him / them.
You will find it works ^^

Maybe you are not used to talk to friends, try to do something that can calm your mind or release your mind.

Do some exercises, go to the seaside, taking one piece of your favourite cake, taking one scoop of ice cream or chocolate, you will find that, it helps you a lot.

By possesing the calm and peaceful mind, you will find out, your life is still wonderful and colourful.

~Enjoy Life~


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