Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Shots ♥

Just found out some random photos from my hp ~

Gonna share out here to you all ~

Like to capture some random photos whenever feels like wanna capturing that memorable moment ~

Maybe it seems meaningless for you but it meant thousands for me because it happened in my life ~

Photos do help you to keep your moment

Cutie En En likes to play my hp ~ Haha! Her serious face is cute ! =D 

Kim Gary's August Member's food - 叠叠乐~ 

Have been heard that Shi Lin Mee sua is tasty, finally I have tried out together with Bi ~ Indeed it's pretty good in taste, BUT the 蚵仔 is very geli ! >_<" (Deducting marks)

Some sea side photos that were captured before my department's dinner ~

Love their desserts ^^ ♥ ♥

My sister helped to bought some e-vouchers so that I can enjoy 3 course meals at Chopper Board at only rm9.90 ! The 3 course meal including drink, garlic bread + soup of the day, one chosen main meal and dessert, it's worthy right? Haha ~ 

Chose spaghetti ~

Bi chose Hainan Chicken Chop rice ~ 

Desserts ~ Very So-So taste ~ @.@

Tried out Taiwan Bull last week as Bi never been there ~

Their recommended drink - Sour Plum Pow Pow ~ This is good, try out if you go for this restaurant ~ =D

Their recommended and popular food as well - Beef Noodle ~ Bi said the soup taste like Bak Kut Teh and the beef's texture is soft enough, Hehe ! And the amount of beef they gave is generous enough, Haha!

My Spicy Seafood Noodle ~ Their recommended food as well ~ Ohya, all their noodle meal is actually in Ramen, very Q ^^ If you love spicy food, go for this, thumbs up ! =D

Dessert - Loving Bean Frozen ~ Bi's favorite ^^ But their ice is quite rough... =.=

Okay, gonna having my drama right now ~ 

Dada ~

P/s :   Happy On Diet ! =)

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