Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gathering with Besties ♥

06082011 ~

That day was Chinese Valentine's Day ~

Although didn't manage to celebrate it with Bi, glad to have a simple yet nice gathering with my secondary school besties ~

Chose to go for Edo Ichi Sushi as one of the friend was in Sushi hunting mood, Haha !

If not mistaken, they have another one outlet at Island Plaza as well ~

Heard of the location of Island Plaza, what you can relate to ?

Erm, for me, the only word I can link with is -- EXPENSIVE ! (Yea, because there are fulled with super branded shops only ~ Lol !)

Hence, I think the price for their food including sushi has higher price than the other on-belt sushi shop such as Sakae... (At least for me la ~)

Once stepped in the shop, feeling quite well because of the nice decoration and ambiance ~ 

But it's packed with people ! (I guess is because this is the first ever on-belt sushi shop at SP, HAHAHAHA!)

Okay, once be seated, start ordering for food and enjoying our meal ~

Overall, their food is okay-okay only lo ~ Lol...

Apart of the meh food, having a warm and simple chat with friends made my day ! =)

Although there has been quite long time didn't meet up and chat with them, we didn't feel strange on each other ~

This is the thing that we should definitely proud of ~ =D

Miss you guys and waiting for another gathering with you all ~ (Wish the next gathering will be attended by all of the besties ^^)

Gonna end this post by a self-love photo of me, HAHA!

P/s : Truly from the bottom of my heart, I pray God bless Alice's sista recovers soon, Fighting !

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