Sunday, August 7, 2011

31072011 ♥

That day was my lovely Mom's Birthday as well ~

After having celebration dinner with mommy, rushed to St Anne, BM immediately, Hehe!

It has been a routine for Bi and me to visit St Anne once a year since year 2009 ~

I still can recall the scene during my first time visit to St Anne Church in my memory vividly !

That's the time "St Anne 3 buddies" comes from, Hehe ! My Bi and my Dear ~

The moment we spent together is so cheerful ~ Love ^^

Erm, back to the topic ~

As we were late when reached the church, we were actually "skipping" one of the "steps of praying" which is entering and praying inside the church, Lol... Because there was way too crowded... =.=

After that, we have completed all the steps such as climbing up the staircases to visit the statues over there and also taking holy water ~

Walking around the compound and visited some of the stalls outside the compound, we left after ~ 

Heading towards Station One Cafe for supper !

I love food ! (That's why my face is getting rounder rounder and rounder... sh*tz =( ) 

Posted some photos here to end my post ~ (Excluding my photos because my photos on that night are HORRIBLE >_<" )

Bi ~  

Next post might be the gathering together with my besties of secondary school on last night *wink* ^^

P/s : Waiting my Bi come back from Genting, miss him a lot ~

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