Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pesta Penang 2011

Zomg, as usual, I'm here again after decades, haha!

Time flies. It's end of December 2011 already! I just realized it few days before...
December is always my favorite month because of some reasons. Because this is my birthday month , holiday month (for students only but everyone will be in holiday mood as well ! :D ), christmas is coming, new year is coming and CNY is COMING as well ! Yay, can get many many angpauS ^^

Erm, might not create a birthday post because I'm LAZY. Yet, will update some photos in my FB after. Okay, back to the topic, went to Pesta Penang 2011 which is organized every Dec annually at Penang on last week with Bi ♥ There are a lot of mini stalls which are selling almost the same things such as the keropok, furniture, clothes, toys and etc. There is also some extraordinary one which is selling "fighting fishes"  (Sorry, I don't know what exactly to be called) and hamsters, inside the Pesta which is fulled of games, LOL.. 

Snapped some photos using my handphone as that was an unplanned trip. So, excuse me for the low quality photos, Hehe! 

Some fake I-city scenes @ there ~ :D

 The huge dinosaur hanging just outside the "ghost house"

The most popular game throughout the Pesta, hehe!

 The Euro Wheel.

 Mickey Mickey ~ Minnie Minnie ~

Ohya, if you are coming for the Pesta and not familiar with that area, when you are looking for car park, remember don't park at those residential area which is dark and unsafe, even worsen the so called jaga is GREEDY ! They charge bloody RM5 for one car to park at the roadside which is just near to their houses. (Not all but mostly, I think.) There are a lot of car parking lots behind the Pesta itself and also besides the Sg. Nibong bus station (they charge only RM0.40 per 1/2 hour). They are much more reasonable and have safer parking places.

Christmas is just around the corner, wish you all Merry Christmas and have prosperous new year ahead ! :)


  1. Posting yang bagus... Salam kenal... :)

  2. wanna go too. >< but when it will end?

  3. Alice, this pesta is only last until December o ~ 31st Dec 2011 will be the last day ~ Else u need to wait until Dec of coming years, hehe!