Friday, August 13, 2010

Having Meal at Kim Gary with 20% discount !! =D

Yea, now having meal at Kim Gary can have 20% discount o~


If you are holding Kim Gary member card just can have 10% discount but, if you have purchased their coupons last time, definitely you have the coupon of the month, August !

Just bringing your coupon, you can enjoy your yummy meal with 20% discount o~

They are doing this discount in conjunction of our National Day which falls on 31st of August ~ =)

Last day, Bi fetched me went to Gurney bought something lu~

Then, we have lunch at Kim Gary ^^

After being seated, we started to order our big big meal ~

Yay ~ 20% discount ~ =D

The counter ~

Looking at the menu, my eyes have been caught by the photo of UNAGI ! Gosh, I love Unagi so muchie ~~

Uncontrollable and also without hesitating, I have ordered the Unagi Set Meal ~

While Bi attracted by the Baked Seafood Plate ~ Love seafood too ~
Bi ~

Me ~ wahaha! =P

Handsome punya Bi ~ =D

Hehe ~

Soup comes with the set meal ~

Soup, Dessert, Honey Lemon and "Yuan Yang" ~

My Unagi Meal ! *Drooling*

The Unagi is so large ~ Start missing it... >_<

Bi's Baked Seafood plate ~ Different kinds of seafood baked with curry ~ It's quite spicy but is still acceptable ~ =P I love the salmon inside ^^ The "roti canai thing" that covers over the plate is very delicious o ~ 

 Meal of the day ~

To be frankly, we ate a lot on that day because we ordered too much... >_<

As the consequences of "greedy", Bi can't finish his rice and both of us, fulled until....O.o

Okay, we won't do that again next time, Hehe! =P

Emm, last night went Fun Fair with Bi and friends, have a memorable and joyful night ^^

Yet, the ending was quite ridiculous... @.@

I will tell you guys why the ending of that night will be so funny, Haha! XD

Stay tuned for my next post yea ~ =)

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♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Yum yum =D
    And the dress u wear, nice leh..where u bought? =)

  2. Thanks Esther and Everlyn ~ ♥
    I bought it at Megamall Butterworth lu, hehe! =)

  3. wa.. i'm so hungry.. kakaka.. i oso went wif hoay that day ;) yummy !!!

  4. yea lo, yummy ^^ Somemore got discount for member, hehe! =P

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