Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yummy Pan Mee ~ ♥

Last week and forgot which day, went somewhere near BJ have Pan Mee as our lunch together with my lovely Bi ~
We went there out of planning because suddenly I was craving for Pan Mee ! >_<
I miss Pan Mee at there so muchie ~
Love Pan Mee over there because... Simply just because I think it's yummy ~ Hehe!
They are selling Pan Mee at one old kopitiam where there is a huge huge tree just in front of the kopitiam ~
So while enjoying your Pan Mee, there will be some "lovely" leaves will "fly" into your plate ~ Hahaha! XP
Here are some photos taken using my handphone la, paiseh if they not clear enough, Hehe!

The sambal they provides on each table ~ It looks like oily but it tastes good ~ Bi and I always put 2-3 big spoon so that the Pan Mee tastes SPICY ^^

They are selling some Dim Sum too ~ Taste ok ok lu, Haha!

Yea, there is Rojak stall at there too ~ This rojak stall is quite famous too because their rojak is quite nice too ~ =D

Tadah ~ The main dish -- Pan Mee ! It's definitely yummy ^^ Yet, we think that it's little bit expensive lu ~ @.@

Closer view of the Pan Mee ~ =)

Have an ample lunch on that day ~
Satisfying ~


  1. expensive meh?can consider as quite cheap le loh

  2. Coz the small one really small ler, and the big one not really big portion pun but odi need rm3.80 neh, we think is expensive lu, hehe!

  3. yea lu, when you got come back to pg, ask ur lovely hoay bring you go ~ haha! =P