Monday, August 9, 2010

Random ♥

Recently, others than working, still working...

What a boring life huh.. =.=||

Really wish to go back to campus, prefer to start doing those "rush die people" projects, or researches rather than doing my LI... (At least at this moment, I'm thinking like dis.. Lol.. haha!)

I think not only me think like this, people around me follow my way too...

Actually doing LI is quite tiring, have to wake up early, have to face your laptop from morning until lunch and after 1 hour lunch have to continue until time you are released... Although you are sleepy until feels almost fainted, you have to continue working too... =.=

Working life won't as free as study life indeed...

During Intern period, everyone starts missing the study life when we can always hang out with friends, going for movie or K whenever we want, skipping morning lecture and night class, skipping lectures when we want to sleep and even also the time rushing assignments together with friends at lab...

Left another 1 month ++ for our Intern period.

I guess everyone of us (Final Year students) will more treasure the coming semesters after ending our LI since this will be our last year in USM campus ~ (Unless you plan to further your Master in USM, Hehe! => )

Okay, stop complaining~ =P

Some random photos have been taken recently ~

The first one is the tiny ice cream candy~ Sent by hubby's ex-colleague of intern company from KL to their office, how sweet she is ~ Definitely not only this tiny ice cream candy la, there are many others o~ Various types of candies packed in one box sent to them ^^

The next one is the photo of hubby's new shoes ~ Hubby bought them at Royal Sport, Queensbay Mall. They are Reebok ~ They are simple and stylish right? We love them too ~ Hehe! =)

Lastly, remember to help me click those advertisements on my blog yea, thanks ~

Okay, going to sleep soon le ~
Having little bit fever now...
God night all ~