Saturday, August 7, 2010

Seniors' Convocation ♥

Last Thursday, went back to USM to attend seniors' convocation ^^

Those seniors are same course with us (Computer Science) ~ They helped us a lot, guided us in school, taught us a lot too, no matters in which kind of aspects in our U lives.

Thus, definitely have to attend their convocations, to wish them have bright future, to appreciate their accompanies, to share their joyfulness and most important one, take photos with them when they were wearing the robes and mortar board once in their lives, keep the photos as memories with them ~

To appreciate my seniors, I have also bought little presents to them. =) (But only presented to two seniors la because no money liao >_< )

 This is the gift bought for my direct senior.

Okay, stop giving tons of reasons, haha! On the precious day, Thursday, of course we these Kolian intern people have to work ma~ Therefore, at sharp 5pm, we all rushed out from our companies, heading to USM like rocket (Joking la, we were driving back de, hahaha ! =P )

Once reached the Dewan Budaya, where graduates gathered once they received their graduate certificate from idk who inside DTSP, USM. The area just crowded by people, some of them were wearing robes and mortar board while others were attending to celebrate the convocation of their loves one ~


With my direct senior.

With Chu Jian.

Crowded everywhere. 

Again crowded. Hehe!

Beng Tatt was holding a bunch of flowers that was going to present his senior. =) 

The roses. Pretty ~

Hubby and me~  

Mystery little gifts made by little juniors to seniors. Guess what inside the small boxes?
There are candies inside ! Sweet ~ =)

Jun Wen with her little one, hehe!

Flowers received by one of my senior, Kai Sin, hehe!

Hubby, Kai Sin and me ~

The boyz geng ~

CS seniors.

Crowded in front of DTSP.

  Due to the evening time, the place was just exposed to fierce sunlight ! Omg, it was really hot, somemore the place was very crowded.. Wearing normal clothes like us already sweating and complained very hot, yet the graduates who wore the heavy robes and mortar board sure hotter than us.. Sweating heavily and, girls must wear waterproof make up on the day you graduate yea ~ This is what my senior advised me, hehe!

Standing in the crowd, found seniors to send my present to them, took photos with them, saw they threw their mortar boards high (the MUST DO action when graduate, hehe! XD ), saw the families with gratification on their faces, I can feel the exciting air spreading there^^

Hubby and me left earlier than others because it was really hot there ~ Went off the the Tapak Convo, look for food ^^ Same as previous Convos, the whole Tapak Convo was fulled of variety of stalls ~ They were selling food, selling handicrafts, selling drinks, selling bears, selling flowers, selling clothes and many others.
 Ohya, there was a stage in the tapak Convo but I'm not sure about why it was there, maybe there are events there ~

There was skin care products' stall too? @.@

Playground pun ada....

The big big bear bear was waiting its owner. =)
Fish cakes.

Tasty Coconut Shake.
The entrance of Tapak Convo.

There are total of 5 days for convocation, each day has its own theme ~
The "duno what" board.

The fattening Kebab, haha!

Seeing seniors graduated, realized that time flies really fast. I still remember clearly the scene when I first entered USM ! Soon, one year later, at the same time and same place, I will wear that heavy robes and the sweet mortar board, holding my graduate certificate, throwing the mortar board high and shouting "I'm officially graduate !" too ~ Waiting for your flowers and bear bear for me at that time, yeah ~

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