Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun Fair ♥

The Main Entry of the Fun Fair ~ There are one row of small games where people can win the toys and small gifts o ~

Finally updated my blog lu ~
As promised in the last post (Just click to view it if you haven't read it, hehe! ), today going to blog about Fun Fair ~
Yes, last week went fun fair near Queensbay Mall, Penang, Hehe! =P
It was a Thursday night, pleasantly cold night ~

Hubby and me reached earlier than others as we din't join friends for dinner ~
We ate food bought from Pasar Ramadhan o !
They were so yummy ~ But a bit oily, omg >_<

We reached there at about 7pm++.
Maybe it was still early, there has only about 5 people inside there..=.=||
So "no excited feeling" ~ >_<
While waiting friends coming, took photos of all the games inside the Fun Fair ^^
It is a small size Fun Fair so please don't expect much on many games inside there, Haha!

One of the small games ~ Just use the long long wood thingy to take one of your favourite ducky ^^ At the bottom of every duck, written an alphabet. Then, you will get your gift according to the alphabet ~ RM4 per round ~ I play this ! But I just got one tiny bottle with little barney picture instead of those big big toys~~~ @.@

Hubby and me ~ Taken in front of the 摩天轮~ But failed to capture together with 摩天轮, haha! =P

摩天轮 ~

Swing Chairs ~

Swing Chairs ~ It's very horrible when it was operating, swinging darn fast and seems people will fly out together with the chair at anytime. =.=

Kiddo's games ~ With all the cute cartoon characters ~

Jiang Jiang !! This is the coolest among all the games inside the Fun Fair o ~ 海盗船 ~ It has 360 degree turns de o , so horrible ! O.o But there were still a lot of people tried out this challeging thing at that night, salute them huh ~ Haha!

Little dragon where I first thought is only for kids to play ~ Yet, friends told me they play this and commented it's so scary because it's speedy ~ Haha!

Ultraman also came? Yay ~

Cute kids' game ~

Bumper Car ! The only game we all play together. We came actually just because of want to play this o ~ Hehe! One session time, almost all of the bumper cars occupied by us, only 3 or 4 strangers, Heh! The situation was extremely crazy where we smashed each others' cars, hahaha! It was really fun ~ RM4 per person and only can drive for 5 minutes...=.=

Paul the Octopus ! Haha!

Little train ~

Little train ~

Mini Pirate Ship ~ =D

We found that at the bottom of the huge 摩天轮, they use only woods to support??

Cute Dear and friends ~ =)

Tokens we have ~ From left bottom to right bottom, hubby, Jiun Wen, Soak Wai and Dear ~

Hubby and me ~ Take one ~

Hubby and me ~ Take two ~

Dear and me ~

Dear and I play the same games at that night, little ducky and another one is throwing balls de. Coincidentally, we got the same gifts o ~ Hehe! The left hand side tiny bottle and shoes shape key chain is mine hubby one while the right hand side is Dear's ^^

Around 9pm++, suddenly rains pouring heavily !!
Reluctantly, we ran to our cars, prepare to go back home ~~
Luckily we have spent all of the tokens changed ~ (Because don't wish to go there again since there are all noob games ~ @.@ Except the bumper cars, hehe! XD )
But, our Fun Fair trip not yet ended like this ~ Haha!
Emm, more precisely is Hubby, me, Dear, Jiun Wen, and his little one - Soak Wai, haha!
Story began with the call from Jiun Wen, he claimed that his car's key left inside his car while his car was locked ! And his car's spare key put inside his hostel room and his hostel room's key left inside his car !!!! ===__=== ||  >_< !!
Jiun Wen this Big Prawn Head, that was actually not the first time happened on him ~ Haha!
Since that time was raining cats and dogs, we asked Jiun Wen and his little one to get into our car first ~
After getting into car, he started to think how to open his car, he wanted to use long iron ruler to open his car @.@
Because he said that his mommy did it before, so yeng ler Auntie Liaw, hehe~ =)
To confirm about this "technique",  he called up for his mommy and Mervin for help, hahaha! =P
After confirming, we decided to buy the long iron ruler that required to break/open the car's door at Queensbay Mall. Hahaha!
Along the 5 minutes journey, Jiun Wen's hp was ringing non stopable ~ (Suddenly lots of people concern him, Haha! )
I forgot why in the half way, we changed our mind to buy both iron ruler and iron wire thingy.
They said can break/open the car's door too wor.
Really don't have any idea on it because I never do it before, Hahaha!
Walking around the departments and asking direction from workers inside (Luckily he didn't ask us for the usage >_< ), finally found the iron wire ~
While choosing the right one, Jiun Wen's little one - Soak Wai reminded Jiun Wen that Mervin was keeping one of his room's spare key !
That Big Prawn Head, just realized and remembered ~
At that moment, three of us (Hubby, me and Dear) were feeling want to take the weapons surrounded us (Iron wires, iron rulers, scissors and etc) to smack on itu Big Prawn Head punya head, haha!
Maybe he was too nervous until forgot he has another spare key lu so he is forgivable ~ (Although we have rushed to Qb and the department since that time was quite late already. @.@)
Driving to take the key from Mervin and sent Dear & me went back to house, hubby fetched Big Prawn Head and his little one to go back Jiun Wen's hostel to take the key And fetched them to the Fun Fair park to get back his car ~
Long long journey ~ =P
Luckily the spare key was working, abo~~~~ Hubby was joking to Big Prawn Head that if the spare key still not working, we will send him to Police Station and claimed that we don't know him, picked along the road punya ~ Hahaha! So funny ! XP
With this funny episode which was created by Jiun Wen, ended our Fun Fair day ~
Although it was so ridiculous, still a memory for all of us who witnessed this funny episode, Hahaha!
Jiun Wen, we officially granted you a nick name --- Big Head Prawn ! Wahaha ~ =D


  1. wa.. only wood to support? scary nia.. hahhaa.. btw , great pics !!!

  2. ah ba -> ya meh, big prawn head ~~~~ hahaha! =P

    Nick -> yea lu, so Im not dare to ride on that >_< Thanks ^^

  3. Laz time i saw the fun fair, wanted 2 go lah !!!! But my mummy wont let me go out at nite, wanted 2 go wit my hub de !!! So jealous of u..arghh! haha xD

  4. Convince your mommy you are able to take care yourselve lu and I think you are free then, hehe! Sp and Penang near only too~ =)