Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PASSED My LI Lecturer Visit ! ♥

Yeah ! Finally PASSED my LI Lecturer Visit lu ~

And the PASSED here means "lalu" and not "lulus" because Fa Fa wont tell me how with his evaluation on me~

But I hope can lulus as well la ~ Hehe! =)

Ohya, Dr. Yap was the one came to visit me o~

He is really nice people, asked me whether happy on working there, how with the environment there, there will be too much tasks assigned to me or not, he is really caring on his student huh, Hehe!

Since ah dear's lecturer has visited her and asked the same kind of questions, we have concluded that, school assigned lecturers to visit us because {They worry us being bullied when undergoing our LI !} Haha! =P

Not kidding okay, we really think like that, hehe! XD

Passing LI presentation, the next task will be Research Paper.

I'm quite worry with the proposal this time because I haven't start yet !! Omg...>_<

Many issues are delaying...

I really don't like last last minute work because many problems will choose at that "RIGHT TIMING" to pop out and horrifying us ! Then, that time we will have nightmare... @.@""

A simple post here ~ Stay turned for my Kim Gary Big Meal post, hehe!

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I ♥ this pic ^^


  1. my lecturer stil no visit me ;( hehehe..

  2. Ya o? Nvm la,wait patiently, he / she will come soon, be prepared la, hehe! =)

  3. hello. was here. :)