Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Chinese Valentine With My Bi ♥

Today gonna post about my very first Chinese Valentine celebrated with my beloved hubby ~
Okay, I know it passed quite long ago, but due to my lazinessssssssss, I only post up by today, Hehe! =P
This year's Chinese Valentine fell on Monday, which is working day ! Thus, our celebration can only be after working lo ~
And because that celebration could be counted as a spontaneous plan, we chose to go Qb as it is the nearest to us ! Haha! =D
Went to Dave's Deli to have our dinner ~ They are selling western food that both of us also love a lot ~
Although we always passed by the restaurant for don’t know how many times, seeing people enjoyed western food inside there, we never go there have a meal before. 
Just realized that, they are having the same style as fast food restaurant where once step in the restaurant, you have to order and pay your meal at the counter yourselves rather than places order to the waiter or waitress. 
We ordered a set meal, roasted chicken if not mistaken. It cost us only rm19.80 nett.The set meal comes with mushroom soup, garlic bread, drink, ¼ chicken and smashed potato with vege salad as side dishes ~
Overall we are quite satisfied with the meal because the chicken is quite soft and tasty, the smashed potato with the taste of butter and the dense mushroom soup ~ Yummy ~ Definitely will go have another meal again ~ Next time will try another set meal, fish and chip, Hehe!
After feeding our stomach, going to buy valentine's presents for each other ~
Bi presented me a Forever 21 white color short pants  as he knew that I have the desire to buy myself a white color short pants, Hehe! He is always my considerate hubby ^^ Love him so muchie ~
 On the other hand, I presented him a Body Glove tee, Hehe! At first, I was planning to buy him a Jefferson sweater for him but he said prefer the tee so buy him the tee ~  The tee is actually cool and nice too ! Hehe!
Bi, we have went through our first Chinese Valentine ~ But I'm not satisfy yet because....... I still want to celebrate the continuous Valentines until the end of our lives, with only you, Bi ~~~ Feeling safe and lovely only when you are besides me, my life only perfect when you color my life with sweet colors ^^  I Love you so muchie ~
These are some sweet photos taken on our Genting trip on May ♥ 

♥ ♥

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