Thursday, September 2, 2010

29082010 Date ♥

It was a cloudy day. Little part of the blue sky has been covered by the dark cloud ~
However, the shopping mood of me and Bi didn't affected at all, still in high rank, Hehe!
After "ban leng leng"-ing, off to Prangin Mall to shopping ~ =)

A photo was taken before departing, Hehe!

Once reaching, surprisingly, got a parking place easily, wahaha! Chose Home Recipe to have our brunch ~ We have been there few times ago, their food are quite cheap and tasty, thus, this restaurant has became the-must-go-restaurant if we go to Prangin Mall, hehe! =P Snapping some photos while waiting for the food.

The menu ~

Part of decoration.

There is a big screen hanging inside the mall, projecting some ads and some short & cute cartoon ~ We were watching a cute nut's cartoon while having our brunch there, such enjoyably, Hehe!

Bi ~

Us ~

The environment ~

Me ~ Omg, I'm so freaking fat inside this photo. =0

The waiter was so kind, he passed some magazines for us to read on while waiting our food served ~ =)

Our hot white coffee served ~ The scent of coffee always can cause me feel fresh ~

Bi's meal. I have forgotten the name of this meal @.@ The source of the chicken chop quite nice, taste like the satay source, hehe!

My Nissin noodle ~ Served with ham, egg, hotdog and chicken wing, Hehe! Nice o ~ =)

I'm possessing their student card which can have discount on the meal but too bad, the card is not applicable on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday. =(

After having brunch, start shopping ~ Bought one blazer that I have looked for long time ago ~ *Happy* Planning to buy a pair of Carlo Rino flat which has 20% discount, yet the outlet didn't has my size. =( Since I'm really into that pairs of flat, Bi fetched me to Qb's outlet to try our luck, Hehe! Although the Qb's outlet is having that flat with my size, they are used for displaying !! I don't wanna displaying shoes that everyone has tried on them la ~ Lol... Ended up with buying nothing at Qb. @.@ Then, we have our dinner at Nandos ! =D I'm really craving for Nandos's food recently, especially their Peri Chips, Bi and me love them so muchie ~

Merdeka Day just passed few days ago.
How did you spent your holiday?
I went for a "Photo shooting Trip" with my course mates at several attractions in Penang.
We have taken so much pretty photos. 
Since 2 of my friend were using DSLR, some of the photos are reallly super clear and fulled of feelings ~~~
Going to post it soon, remember to keep updating of my blog ~

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