Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yaki Teppan Japanese Food ♥

Just a short short update today ~ *wink*

Dine at Yaki Teppan which is selling Japanese cuisine last week with Bi ~

This restaurant locates at Sungai nibong, Penang, just besides the road while going to Queensbay Mall,
Penang. Actually we are going to there because there is someone recommend us this restaurant ~

Going there with quite a high expectation with their food yet end up with the comment of "So So" towards their food, Haha! My ranking to their food is 5/10. @.@

Menu ~

The waitress seems is waving to us but actually she wasn't, she was just waving to another kids, Haha!

Decoration on the wall, some sake drinks ~

Ice lemon tea ~

The side dishes for the set meal, coleslaw is ok, the miso soup is tasteless and the wantan thingy is weird because lemon juice is added on the top.. =.=||

My salmon set meal, I think is not tasty  >_<

The rice is not the usual Japanese sticky rice. Tasteless too.

I forgot the name of Bi's set meal, it contains chicken and fish. This one taste better because the sauce is good =D

Just came back from saloon, I have cut my hair until the shoulder length ! Hehe! And I'm quite satisfied with my style now, will upload the photos of my new hairstyle soon, Hehe! 

Stay tuned lovelies ~


  1. Wish 2 c ur new hairstyle soon, hehe...

  2. different ppl different taste..actually i also dun like teppanyaki food..hehe..
    btw, u just rebonding ur hair then cut till so short oh.. not should cut jor then only rebonding better meh? :)

  3. JOaN -> yea lu, I rebond le juz cut de ~ Emm, usually hair stylist will rebond first, then juz cut de lu ~ =)