Friday, September 10, 2010

Outing on Raya ♥

Hey guys, how do you spend your Raya holiday? Travelling ? Gathering with friends ? (I wish too but I missed two gathering with my friends, I wish I can go =( ) Or went shopping just like me? Hehe! =D

In conjunction of the Raya Aidilfitri, mostly all of the shop lets having Great Deals ! I guess all of the girls will definitely take this chance to shop ! =)

Went to QB today with Bi ~ Yet we were not going there purposely just-for-shopping ~ The main reason we went there is buying mooncake ^^ Have you realised that Mooncake Festival is just around the corner? If you don't, faster go to the nearest mall to buy mooncake or tanglung to celebrate this coming beautiful Mooncake festival

As usual, took some photos before departing, wahaha! (This is my habit *v*)

Me ~

Outfit of the day ~

Bi and me ~

Upon reaching, went to Kim Gary to have our brunch ~ Gosh, there is always crowded with people whenever we go there to dine. =.= The restaurant always fulled and occupied, moreover, there is always some people queuing to be seated. Luckily we reached earlier than them for about 10 minutes, or else we were the one of them who need to queue and wait, wahaha ! =P

Ordered their set lunch, which are Cap Kan Nissin Soup Noodle and Mark Six Curry with spaghetti ~ Some photos were taken while waiting for our meal ~ =)

Busy staring on the menu ~

Big forehead, muahahahahaha! =D

Bi oso busy choosing meal ~

They are selling dried purple seaweed ?? =D

Cute Bi ~

Our order list ~

Drinks ~

My Nissin Soup Noodle ~

This one can be called dumpling ? The filling is Kimchi o, yummy ^^

Snapped by Bi ~

Mark Six Curry with noodle ~

After taking our brunch, went for shopping lu ~ Walking around the mall, bought one pair of vincci's flat at last ~ ♥ 

QB is decorated to celebrate Raya too ~

Then, went to choose mooncake ~ Ohya, there is little Mooncake fair at the ground floor of QB o ~ Lots of mooncake's stalls of different brands locate at there such as 海外天,锦伦泰,麦可思 and etc ... We planned to buy 锦伦泰 at first because they have new mooncake's flavor durian one but so sad that one is sold out already ! wth =.= Ended up buying  麦可思, not bad too because they are doing promotion which is buy 4 free 1, wahaha! =D

Going home after that ~ Lastly, would like to wish all Malaysian, Selamat Raya Aidilfitri

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