Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant ♥

After my previous post of Raya day one (If you haven't read about that post, kindly click here => ), I'm gonna to post about my activities on Raya day two, Hehe!

On afternoon, Bi came to fetch me off to Megamall, Perai as planned. Yet, when we just reached the beginning of highway in Seberang Jaya to Penang, we saw there was a serious congestion there ! All of the cars drove slowly and sometimes even have to stop the car. Gosh, we stuck in congestion ! =( At first, we thought maybe there was an accident or what that caused the congestion. After experiencing the jam for about 30 minutes, we got to know the main cause of that congestion, from the message that was shown on the screen above the highway. The message shown was like "Kabel TNB di jambatan terbakar, minta maaf...." and bla bla bla ~~~ We were like, what ??? Bridge will also terbakar ?? Hahaha! XD At last minute, we changed our plan to Jusco, Bukit Mertajam which is nearer to us, Hehe! I hate congestion ! Thus, I think I can't survive in KL >_<

Jam Jam Jam ~~ Between, see the van pointed by the red color arrow ? The driver drove in the motorcycle lane, wth he was doing ? Only he was rushing of time ? Where should the motorcyclist rides? But after driving for about 5 mins, we saw the driver "kena saman" by the traffic polices who did block besides the road ! Hahaha! 

Took photos while stuck in the queue ~ See how excited Bi was, Haha! He was talking about Dota's things to me at that time, Nevermore, Triple Kill, First Blood ~~~~ Don't play play, I know some about Dota okay? wahaha! =D

It was lunch time when we reached Jusco. "Mom Mom" time again ! Haha! We were hesitating to have lunch at either Ichiban Ramen or Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant. At last I chose Che Go because I prefer the environment there, Hehe! =)

The environment inside the Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant, the lighting so warm ~ *Like* Between, you can choose either to have seats with Tatami or normal tables and chairs ~

Cushions provided ^^

We chose to have seats with Tatami style, Hehe!

The menu ~

Sweet Bi ~

Me ~ 

Actually we have came to this restaurant for twice already but we didn't order BBQ stuff. So, that day we decided to try out their BBQ meal ! =) We ordered the chicken BBQ set for two person that cost rm48++ without taxes and charges la ~ But I tell you, the price worthwhile ! The food is super yummy ! And we were super fulled after finishing the set meal too~ =)

The grilling pan ~

The sauce and sesame oil ~ The red color sauce is really delicious, taste spicy a bit and salty ~ It darn-matches with the grilled chicken, super duper nice ! =D *Starting to miss it*

Firstly, they served us the Ginseng Tea (RM3 not included inside the set meal). The Ginseng Tea is actually quite diluted, I suggest you all to order their Green Tea (RM2) instead of Ginseng Tea because their Green tea is nicer and most importantly, it's bottomless ! Haha! I know you all will like it ~ =D

Next, they served us total of six plates side dishes, in small portion one la, Hehe! But all of them taste Great ! Simple and Nice ~ =)

Broccoli cooked with garlic and soy sauce ~ The garlic mixed soy sauce taste nice and smell good ~ Simple yet satisfying ~ =)

The fish balls, nothing special about this, Hehe!

The eggplant fried with chilies and some special sauce, you can taste the natural sweet taste of eggplant and also the spicy taste of chilies ~ This dish goes well with plain rice, Hehe! We think this is the best dishes among total six of them ~ =)

Kimchi ! A must have in Korean restaurant, Hehe! Their kimchi taste not bad but both of us think it's taste more over-spciy a bit, Hehe! XD

Cabbage with potato mayonnaise ~ *thumbs up*

Marinated papaya with sour plum ~ My very first time to have marinated papaya, it tastes good too, typical sweet and sour flavor ~ Hehe! The marinated papaya is crunchy ~ =D

Their rice taste like sushi rice, like it too ^^

Tadah ! The "main character", pickled chicken were served, two big slices ~ Similar to those other BBQ restaurants, there was one waiter assigned to help us grilled that two slices of chicken ! Hehe! He grilled with their sources, with skillful actions ~ We were drooling by just looking at the uncooked chicken because they smell great ! Omg, I'm hungry now >_< After grilling for about 10 mins, he pour the onions, corn, capsicum, and some chilies to the grilling pan too ~    

Jiang Jiang, this is the cooked grilled chicken ! *Drooling*

After having the omg-very-satisfied-and-delicious lunch, went to have some window shopping ~ Nothing has been bought at the end, have to keep some money for the year end trip ma ~ So, please help me click out my Nuffnang ads ~ *Big Water Eyes* 

And before heading back to my home, went to Bi's home a while. His mommy cooked jelly, all of them was in cute cartoon shapes ! =D One of them was Mickey ~ The jelly not only looking nice, they taste nice as well, so QQQQQQ ~ Love them ~ Probably have to cook it for Bi and Mommy soon too, but I want them in love shape, Hehe!

Cute right ? Hehe!

Tomorrow will be Bi's boss birthday, so his colleagues decided to celebrate his birthday by taking buffet lunch at Eastin Hotel, Penang. Sounds great huh? Stay tuned for my next post, lovely readers !

Tomorrow will be my best-ever friend, Yin Man's birthday too ~
Would like to wish you an earlier Happy Birthday !
Thanks for being my friend and Thanks for giving me a chance to be your friend too ~
I'm really glad to have you as my best friend.
And absolutely I do appreciate the friendship between us !
Happy Birthday, wish all your dreams come true and Friendship Forever ~ Muacks ♥ ♥ 



  1. Hehe, ok de ya laopo, i waiting your love shape jelly ^^ momo~
    Muazz! =)

  2. Muahaha! The love shape jelly is now ready inside your fridge, Haha! =D

  3. hi ... i just wanna know if this restaurant have been moved to new address, since it's no longer next to sushi grove outlet ... tq

  4. Nope, the restaurant still at there, I mean the outlet Jusco Seberang Perai, Penang.