Monday, September 27, 2010

First Day Returns to School

After the long long 5 months of industrial training, I have returned to my school (School of Computer Science, USM, Penang) to continue my 5th sem lu ~

Just came back from Butterworth at 1pm++, after tidy up Bi and my things, rush to school to have my very first meeting with my fyp teammates together with our supervisor ~ =D The supervisor is a very kind and friendly lecturer, I guess, it will be a great experience to work together with all of them, Hehe ! =)

After the meeting, headed to long-time-no-see lecture hall to have the very first lecturer about our final year project and imagine cup competition. Final year project presentation indeed was a BORING presentation la, as expected >_<  While the Imagine cup competition wouldn't be too bored since the presenter turned on the volume too loudly, until half of us were actually covering our ears from the damage of high frequency sound, Haha! Maybe it was one of the tactic to keep us awake, Haha! XD Yet, the rewards of the competition is quite attractive for me, all expense trip to New York, wohooooo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wish to get the trip rewards but don't feel like to participate the contest, may I ?? Haha! =P

Getting free from those lecture presentation, off to Sushi King to have dinner with Bi ~ Dinner time Bi is always the happiest moment ~ ♥ ♥

After all, have to keep reminding myself that, "Must put effort and hard work on what suppose to be done, Try your best and Never give up !! Ga Yau ! =DD "

Love you


  1. Jia You to you too! U are taking computer science?

  2. Thanks yea, yea, Im taking Computer Science at USM lu ~

  3. ur bf slim ki de? and.. u maciam become more chubby XD hahah

  4. ya mea, I help him to thanks you, haha! XD

    Wei ! Where got ? Really meh? You dun scare me la >_<