Friday, October 1, 2010

Crepe Cottage ♥

It has been a long long period of time I didn't join my dear girl friends for dinner already ~ Still remember that we used to dine together at the cafe or restaurant near our hostel there, miss those time

Tonight, I have joined them for dinner again ! Purely girls Hehe!

We chose Crepe cottage as the dinner place because Dear recommended it as she has been there few weeks ago, and her feedback towards their dessert is very good ~ =)

Departed at 7pm++ and reached there at around 8pm. Crepe Cottage locates at Persiaran Gurney, Penang. The  Crepe Cottage's outside appearance is just like a little wood cottage, a little one so we have passed by here for don't know how many times already, yet we never notice the existence of this little cottage, Hehe! Yet, this little cottage gives me the feeling of warm, it's unique. =)

The outside appearance of Crepe Cottage ~

Once seated and got the menu, we were attracted by their dessert's photos in their menu ~ All of them looked so yummy and pretty !! But the hungriness has pulled us back to order the main dish first, Hehe! The desserts were ordered after we vote for two desserts, Haha! They are Nutty Chocolate and Mango Cup

The environment ~

While waiting for our meals, photo session has begun, Haha!

Our meal finally served =)

Apple Juice ~

Hot milo ~

Chicken Spaghetti ~ With the cheese powder as topping ~ =D

Chicken Cheese Crumbled ~ With crepe and vegetable as side dishes ~ The chicken chop in heart shape ! Hehe!

Fish Packet ~

My seafood pasta ! The seafood sauce is yummy ~ The spaghetti comes with shrimps and big amount of fish pieces !  *Thumbs up*

Nutty Chocolate ~ The crepe is ok but I don't like the nuts >_< They are little too much and too big in size, Haha! 

Mango Cup ~ The mango flavor ice cream fulled of the mango's scent ~ and there are some mango pieces below the ice cream ~

After all, the food and desserts of Crepe Cottage have gave us a quite good impression as all of them are delicious enough, Hehe One of the imperfection of Crepe Cottage is that they took quite a long period of time to serve their food, that's why we have suffered from hunger about half and hour ++, =.=|| Thus, it's suggested to go there at earlier time or make a reservation first before going to there. =) Will go again with my Bi after ~

The first week after returning back to U, I'm too free, Haha! I have one one class on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday which is 2 hours each, Haha! But, I believe that, starting from next week, gonna be busy busy and busy again. Final year project, assignments and quizzes will be coming back to find me again after the 5 months break... >_< Therefore, to make full use of this week, we decide to go Neway on tomorrow ! Yeah !! =DD Waiting for it =)

It's time to go to bed, good night to all of you, lovelies  


  1. OMGOSH I always passed by there, always telling my bf that one day we must go there but almost one year pass by there still haven't go in yet -.-"

    After seeing your pics, I reckon it's a MUST TRY! Btw, is it exxy?

  2. Haha! That was my first time to go there, I never notice its existence before, hahaha !

    Emm, I think their main course's price is quite ok one, the pasta and chicken only @ rm14 =DD But their dessert is a little bit expensive lu, one plate cost about rm11 ~~

  3. the place looks good! =D will wanna try it when i visit penang!