Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winter Warmers Girls Outing ♥

Hello all, I'm back after one week ++ didn't update my blog ~ =D These two weeks are so hectic for us as assignments, final year projects and tests all flood towards us all in one time ! So, can't take any free time to blog ~~~ Finally, just finished one test at 4pm just now, wohoo ~ XD Thus, taking this little free time to update my bloggie ~

Last Tuesday, went to stay at Dear's house @ BM with another two cutie house mates ~ =) We drove to her house after the morning class and brunch ~ Upon reaching, she led us to her room and we started to turn her room into cybercafe, Haha! Because each of us bringing our own laptops and seems there are lots of laptops inside the bed room, Hehe! Then, movie time for the whole afternoon ~ (To release tension ma, not excuse okay? =P )

After itu Dear came back from "work", headed to Autocity for our dinner ~ And we chose to dine at Winter Warmers as majority of us haven't try out their meals ~

The environment and decoration inside the restaurant is just so England style la ~ Love the atmosphere inside as you will have the illusion that you are a rich man or woman who is enjoying your 5-stars-and-very-high-class meal, Haha! 

Looking at their menu, seems everything are so tempting and delicious ~ Chose Honey Oat Chicken as my meal because I have heard some positive feedbacks towards this meal from my friends before that. After the ordering session, it was time for us to snap here and there, Haha! Even the waiters felt that we are so weird until they were keep looking at us @.@

After being waiting for half and hour, our meal finally served ! =D

Green Tea Shakes ~

Caramel Shakes ~

Cheese Bake Spaghetti ~

BBQ Chicken ~

Honey Oat Chicken ~

Overall their food is okay and satisfied but personally I think it's little bit expensive compared to other western restaurant. Yet, their afternoon tea set is worth to try out, Hehe! =)

Before leaving there, we have walk at the flea market just in front of Starbucks ! Just realized that we can find almost everything that is trendy right there such as the pretty heels that I want so badly, shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, watches, hair band, necklace and etc. There will be definitely a good shopping spot for we girls ! =D

Showing off our backs ~ Haha!

That day was so memorable as we have spent time to have dinner together, shopping, playing the tower thing, reading CLEO together, chatting, doing homework together and laugh together ~ ♥ 

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