Friday, October 15, 2010

Eastern and Oriental Hotel Lunch Buffet ♥


This day is my first Anniversary with my Bi

As that day we were having lecture as usual, we just have a simple celebration which is having our lunch at E&O hotel ~ Get to know this hotel from Bi when he went there to have meal with his colleagues during our industrial training period. Since I am getting extremely positive feedback from Bi and his colleagues after they took meal at there, we chose to dine at there as a simple yet warm anniversary celebration ~ =)

Have google-ed about this hotel before, just know that this hotel is 125 years old by this year already ! It was established by year 1885 ! I guess you are as surprise as me when get to know about this, Hehe!

Reached the hotel at around 11:15am, we were earlier than their lunch buffet dine in time. Therefore, we have taken lots of SS photos around their lobby to kill time, Hehe ! After reviewing all the photos, just realized that I have taken lots of photos with their cushions, hahahaha ! XD Can't blame me what, they put lots of cushions at their lobby and all of them are just so special and antiquity ~ Yet, it was raining heavily on that day so we can't take some photos outside the hotel's lobby ~ There is a door at the side of the main lobby where you can actually watch the sea view just besides the hotel ~ =) 

After hanging around the lobby for about half and hour, when the clock stroke to 12pm, we were welcome to  have the executive buffet lunch at Sarkies Corner ~ 

The buffet lunch available from 12pm until 2:45pm ~ And because of we have lecture at 3pm, we went back at 2:30pm ~ Gonna end this post by a photo of me ~


  1. u looks lady n sui with ur skirt...nice...hehe...hapi 1st anniversary too ya! ^^

  2. ChriSsy -> Thanks ^^

    Ronnie -> RM57.50 includes taxes per person =)

  3. ChooSeong -> Hehe! Thanks yea =D

  4. wow so hungry after viewing this post...i want food~!! XD

  5. Nick, yea, the food is yummy ! XD

    Evelyn`Wann, Hehe! Go and have a try ~ =)

  6. wow! long post wit LOTS of food pics :)

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