Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sing K @ Neway ♥

Memory flies back to last semester when I first saw the Neway huge poster hang inside Queensbay Mall together with my coursemates. We were excited and can't wait for their opening ~ Because we love to sing K ! =D Haha! Time flies ~~~~~~~ and Finally !! Neway was launched ! We promised to go there as soon as possible ~ After the thousand times of asking each other when to go Neway, we finally made it ! *proud* Hahahaha! Although it has been few months after Neway opening, I'm still happy to visit there with my course mates ~ Because, to be frankly, I think it's hard to date all of us go out together, always failed punya >_<

Okay, back to the topic ~ Went Neway with course mates yesterday ~ It was a fun and enjoy experience to sing K with them, Hehe! To get the cheapest price of sing K, we reached there by 11am ++ I can't deny that was my first time to sing K at so early time, Haha! But no other ways, we want to take the K Lunch ma ~ Only rm9.80 ++ for 3 hours singing with free lunch and salad buffet o ~ Let's see their price list hanging at their entrance ~

VIP room besides the main entrance ~

After confirming the head counts, we were led to room number 12 ! It's a medium size room with not much special decoration ~ Once seated, we started to pick songs already ~ Woohoo ~~ Some of us away to take our free salad buffet ~ There is a special lounge assigned to place the salad buffet where we can take whatever we want to eat, wahaha!

In the buffet lounge ~

I just realized that there is no photo allowed at this area after "reminded" by the waitress ~ >_<

Back to the room, starting to eat ~~~ (ignoring the songs for a while, Haha!) And the waiters started to come in and let us pick our lunch ~ The choices for lunch meal are limited only, 5-6 choices. Most of us ordered Curry Seafood rice because it's cheapest, only rm9.80++ if order this lunch meal ~ Ohya, forgot to mention that, the price of the Sing K session depends on which lunch meal you choose. For example, you take the K Lunch and you choose the lamb chop as your lunch then it will be total of rm12++ you have to pay but you will still get the free salad buffet. The price stated in the price list is the cheapest one ~ =) Understand? Don't? Click here to know more information =D

The yummy creamy soup ~

The boiled eggs with mayonnaise ~ *love*

The Curry Seafood rice ~

The Lam Mee ~

After filling our empty stomach, started to sing and sing and sing ~~ =D Definitely, some photos and videos have been taken as memories ~ Yet, only photos will be shown here because the videos are private one, Haha! XP

Me and Dear ~

Me and Bi ~

Dear and dada ~

Mervin ~

Chris and Reve so into the song ~ Haha!

Bi ~

3 hours of singing passed just like lighting, darn fast =.=|| And their management and system is too efficient, stop us from singing and picking songs right after 3 hours, sharp ! Therefore, our original plan to continue singing until the waiters or waitress come in and ask us to leave, was totally spoilt ! >_< It's ok, I will be back, Neway, Hehe! =D

Saturday, laying at home just like a snake ~ I love the feeling at home, so comfortable ~ And mommy's home cooking is always the most delicious one ~ ♥ ♥ Do you have the same feeling as me ? Hehe! =D


  1. wow..which new way k box u go? last time i go with friend can spend up to rm100. I think red box will much more cheaper is it?=D

  2. I went Neway @ Queensbay Mall, Penang ~ Yea, red bix will be cheaper =D

  3. Enjoy... I also want to sing K. ;)

  4. Jayce -> Faster go sing K with your friends la, have fun ! =)