Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trip to Vietnam??

Yea yea yea, I'm coming back after how many years and months for ignoring my bloggie ~ But I'm not purposely doing that because I'm really engaging with tons of assignments and fyp project... Gosh, they were really disgusting ! Lots of documents have to be done...@.@

Okay, back to the topic, trip to Vietnam? Am I really going to Vietnam? How do I get so much money to travel to Vietnam? Curious ler? Hehehe *evil laugh* Let me tell you the story from the start ~ XD

Flashed back to 9th Nov ~ The day that proved my heart is strong enough ~ Why said so? Because hor, there were 4 things that made me super duper "gan jeong" on that day ! One, the Digi Youth contest at Facebook which I have joined closed on that day and we were at second place, all of us were trying our best to get the votes and try to turn up to the first place, so very "gan jeong" with the result ! Second, I was going to have a test which covers 50% of that particular course on 10th Nov and I haven't finish the slides on that day yet so I was quite "gan jeong" too ! Third, my cousin told me my grandpa had accident at hometown, OMG !!! I was really really really worried at that time ! >_< Luckily, he are safe now and are not injured, thanks God ~ =) Fourth, one Malay lady phoned me to check my student mail and told me that I'm selected to go to Vietnam for what what what, bla bla bla...(Actually I was not really listened what she has talked because she spoke too softly =.= ) After finishing bla bla bla with her, opening my student mail and found an email written something like this, "You are selected to undergo an attachment at Intel @ Vietnam, please reply me before 3pm today." The mail was sent at about 12pm and it was about 2pm++ when I saw the mail ! Wth?? Only 3 hours given to us to decide whether going or not going to there? =.=|| In addition, there is no extra details provided about the attachment~ (We are really din't have idea what means by their "attachment" inside the mail) After waiting and waiting, time passed 3pm and the lecturer hasn't reply our email to ask her about the "attachment"'s details~

Finally, we (another 2 coursemates and me) received some replies and were informed that the attachment is more likely a short industrial training and it's fully sponsored by USM ! Wohoooo ~~~~ After discussing with another 2 coursemates, we are likely to join the attachment too ~ XD

Just have the short briefing at HEP on 5pm, now we are clear about what's about the program ~ =) The aim of the program is to expose us the working culture or environment at the other country ~ The program can even raises our future employability wor ~~ (konon nya by the leader of that program, Hahaha! ) Actually this program has been undergoing for years back, last year selected seniors were sent to three different countries which are Egypt, Australia and another one... Forgot jor...=.= Thus, it's so unfair we are just sending to Vietnam !! >_<" (Joking joking, I appreciate this opportunity, Hehe! XD )

Besides than fully sponsored on the transportation, accommodation and meal, we have been informed that we are getting "elaun" or pocket money o~ But the amount is not confirm yet, should be little one, but enough to survive at there about 14 days geh~ Haha! XP Another interesting part is that, just now hubby checked the currency of Dong (Vietnam) for me, 1.00 MYR = 6,265.47 VND which means that I'm already a millionaire if I bring rm200 to there ! Hahahaha! XD

Emm, the attachment will be starting from 28th November until 11st of December ~ And the sad thing is, on my 21st birthday, I'm still stay at Vietnam and can't celebrate my very-super-duper-special-21st-birthday with my lovely hubby.... *Heart Breaking* =( Haiz... Maybe I should console myself that celebrates at Vietnam might be a special celebration as well? Lol... >_< Sure I will miss him very much during the 2 weeks because I never separate from him longer than 1 day after pat to -ing with hubby ~~~ ♥ ♥ Yeah ^^ Wakaka! Thus, I will try to skype with him on that night !! Muahaha! =D

Between, all my friends around me seems no one been Vietnam before so I'm totally blank about the life at there. What are they eating huh? Rice? Noodle? Roti? Is the food listed below selling at their night markets?

Don't worry, I'm not going to eat these but I will take photos of them if I see "them", Haha! Besides than the food, just worry about the public security at there~ @.@"" Must becareful and take care during the 14 days ~~

After talking so much about the Vietnam thingy, going to talk about my hubby~ His birthday is coming soon, falls on next Monday, 15th of November and I'm planing to bake a cake for him ~ His favorite, blueberry cheese cake ^^ Hope can bake it nicely, lovely, pretty, successfully and delicious-ly, Haha! =D Will blog about that if I succeed to bake it, Muahaha!

Going to busy with something right now ~ Stay tuned for my next post ~


  1. Omg this is so fun! U're so lucky to be chosen! Can't wait to see more pictures. =)

  2. Thanks yee ^^ Sure I will blog about that, do update with my blog yea sweetie ~ =)

  3. wah! u r so lucky syok la....i wan too... =p

  4. ChriSsy, yea lu, quite lucky punya, haha! U want ar, faster buy flight ticket go with me, haha! XD

  5. dun wan lu....later kena eat those insects...keke!

  6. ChriSsy, then I da bao back for you, muahahaha! XD