Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coming Post : Bi's 22nd Birthday ♥

15-11-2010 is a BIG BIG day ~  Bi's 22nd Birthday ~ =D
Yet, things didn't goes as what I have planned earlier, everything was spoilt... 
Really disappointed and sad to face that... But, at least we have celebrated it at last, 
without a proper cake from myself =.=|| 
So sorry Bi... @.@
Promise you to have a proper birthday gift from Vietnam ^^
Love you ~ 


  1. It's the heart that counts (; He sure will understand. Anyways, Happy Belated Birthday to yr boyfriend!

  2. wah u look alike ur bf so much. lovely couple =)
    happy birthday to the birthday boy

  3. Hilda Milda, He told me like that too, Hehe! Thanks sweetie =)

    xing, Thanks gal ~ =D