Friday, November 19, 2010

Bi's 22nd Birthday ♥

Finally have time to blog about this, Hehe!

Story started from 14th Nov ~ At first I planned to go back Penang after doing my passport so that I can "bake" the birthday cake on noon and give Bi's Birthday surprise at that night as well ~ Yet, I'm the "big prawn head" that spoilt my own plan... wth... =.= We woke up darn early that morning, about 6am, get prepared and then drove to that Jabatan Imigresen. Reached there at about 7:30am, there were a few people waiting outside the main door already ~ (Their office hour from 8am until 1pm as that day was Sunday). Time passed by, there were more and more people coming and queueing, from the main door until the outside there, I guess more than 50 people (that time only 8am >_<) Okay, finally the door was opened and those crazy uncles and aunties as well as their kids or babies, all were pushing and running towards the counter !!! Like going MAD !! OMG 0.0 How come this kind of thing will happen?? @.@ From the 5th person became the 20++th person to take number, it's still okay, as long as can do the passport earlier. But ! When it's almost my turn to take the number, I realised that I forgot to bring my IC there ! Really wth... Looking back the darn long queue, there was a bad instinct in my heart, this time sure GG... Driving back to take my IC and driving back, it's almost 9am...@.@ Queueing back and it's my turn, the people in charge said my photos cannot use !!! T_T So frustrating at that time... My heart keep praying, "God, please don't play me again =(((" After re-capturing the photos outside the Jabatan Imigresen, queueing to get number, waiting to complete the applying procedure, waiting to pay and finally the staff told me that my passport only can take on the next day.. fml, I knew that... >_< After discussing with Bi, finally decided to go back Penang only on 15th, just want to take my passport, Sorry Bi ~ @.@ The only lucky thing is, I'm still with Bi at 14th night so that I'm still able to give him the video surprise besides of the cake ~ =)

The Birthday wishing video, I started to make it few days before his birthday ~ Sending messages to all his friends no matter are secondary school friends or USM friends ~ (But only to those I familiar with la (some of his friends I only know from FB =P), Hehe!) The process of collecting the wishes were really happy + touching + nervous. Happy of they were all so kind to help me to create the video, touching of some wishes given to Bi and Nervous of rushing the video at very last minute ~ Haha! But, is kinda enjoy to create that video, Thanks everyone who have helped me ^^ =) I have uploaded the video to my FB ~

He was really surprised with the video ~ Kinda happy and touched too ~ I knew that the video has refreshed his memories with friends ~ =) Happy to see that he is enjoying the video ~ =D

The next morning, after taking the passport, going back to Penang ~ Started to "bake" the cake upon reaching my house ~ During the process of "baking", received a sms from somebody, calling me and Bi going back to school having some demo of presentation ! Haiz... Spoiling mood again >_< Yet, seeing the lecturer and staffs were thinking hard to improve our presentation and even helped us edit the presentation slide, felt that we are actually lucky people ~ =)

After having the presentation demo, heading to QB to have our birthday celebration dinner ~ =) Chose to take dinner at Kim Gary because birthday guy has 50% discount on meal ! =D Ordered lot's of food, 2 set meals and 1 side meal ~ (The portion is large !) Some photos have been taken ~

It was raining outside ~

Bi with "red face" because of the light of the car ~ Haha! XD

Raining and dark dark sky ~

Us ~ ♥

Lo Sung Soup ~

Garlic bread ~

Our order list ~

The flavoring ~

The desserts ~

Ice Lemon tea ~

My favorite drink @ Kim Gary - Yuan Yang ~ ♥

Cheese baked rice with abalone slices and my favorite - unagi ! ♥

Zooming the unagi ~

Baked potato with tomato and ham slices ~

Taste not bad ~

Bi's grill beef ~

Unfortunately, the cake was not solidified as expected =( Thus, Bi actually didn't have any cake on his birthday, so sorry... Found out the reason of the failure, we tried to add in more gelatin into the cake and stir evenly... Yet, the cake didn't turns better too... Sweat... Replaced with the small piece of cheese cake for him...=( 

The cake was taken back to my home now at Butterworth, Mommy said the cake was not freeze enough ~ Thus, the cake is still freezing inside the fridge, Haha!

Hubby took photo with the cake on this afternoon when came to fetch me to Megamall ~  

My failed blueberry cheese cake >_<

Watched "Harry Potter : Deathly Hollows" just now, just realised this is only the Part 1 ! Lol... I thought is the full version =.= The story is okay okay only, nothing big surprise or amazed... Lot's of people died, the MadEyes,  the owls and the Dolbi... =.=|| After the movie, took dinner at the long-time-din-go Tasty Inn restaurant ~ Their food is always yummy ^^

Bi's Kam Heong Chicken rice ~ Yummy ^^

Kam Heong Chicken ~

My Asam fish rice~ Like it ^^ ♥

Delicious ^^

I'm actually trying to list down all the things should bring to Vietnam, worried of leaving out something ! >_< Okay, I think should stop now, going to bed, Hehe! Dada ~


  1. Awww you guys look cute together lol.

  2. woi...ur cake really looks terrible lu~~ haha!! bt ur bi must very hapi too tis kind of silly gf helped him celebrate bday...^^

  3. Lynnie, Thanks cutie ^^

    ChriSsy, wei, U lagi said me >_< Next time I can do better ! Haha! =P

  4. might be late but happy bday lol :)

  5. IEPOV, Thanks for your wishes on behalf of him =)