Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Memorable Weekend with My Sweet Hubby~

Hehe! Why am I stated there is "Sweet Weekend"? Because in this weekend, little part of our dreams came true~ ♥ And I choose to not mentioning here, hehe! *smiling*

Saturday, we went to one of our favorite restaurant, Ice Ice Baby locates in Autocity~ The food at there not only tasty and they are all in reasonable prices too~ Can have a try there~ *Promoting* Kakaz! =P We used to visit there whenever we go to Autocity~ We love the pizzas there so much~ The cheese, mayonnaise mixed with chicken~ *Saliva drolling*

♥ Here is the Hawaiian Chicken Flavor's Pizza (rm6.90) ♥

♥ Here is the BBQ Chicken Flavor's Pizza (rm6.90)♥

♥ Carrot Milk Jumbo (rm7.90) ♥ 

The wallpaper besides the tables. Nice~

The little white rose put besides the wall.

The Sofa corner, seems very Romance and Relaxing right? ♥

Lovely hubby that was drinking carrot milk~ ♥

Hubby with Menu~ 

Sunday, accompanied lovely sweety hubby went for his hair cut~
He called and booked with the saloon's boss at 5.30pm so we went to Jusco gai gai before the time~ (Have to book with that saloon because the saloon quite famous in Bukit Mertajam, usually will be almost fully booked during weekends~ Hehe! =P)
Having high tea with hubby at Big Apple! So excited because finally can eat my favorite Durian Flavor Doughnut ^^ *Really Love it so muchie ♥ ♥*

Thanks hubby for bringing me there purposely for this doughnuts ^^ Muacks ~ ♥
End my post here with my self-admiration's photo~ *Laughing* =D

 Me ♥

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