Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Childhood's Photos ♥

p/s: This post should be posted by yesterday but due to the connection problem, so post today lu~ =)
Let's start this post with the activities on yesterday~

Yesterday, which was saturday, right after my work, hubby was fetching me to Megamall to have our lunch at our favourite restaurant, which is Tasty Inn~ ♥ Honestly, we haven eat any dishes that do not satisfy our appetite yet! The dishes there really yummy~ ♥ Thus, it's a "Must Go" place for both of us when we go Megamall, hehe!

Hubby's Asam Fish Rice~ Yummy~ The fishes are very fresh, kakaz! =P

My Satay Chicken Rice~ This one is my favorite meal, super yummy~

 Meal of the Day~

This time, we have ordered Asam Fish and Satay Chicken~ Absolutely, they didn't disappointed us again~ ♥
Oops, there are some photos of us before departing from my rented house in Penang, hehe!

After lunch, shopped at the bag bag's department coz I really want to get a new bag bag for myself~ Window shopping one round, there is only one bag bag attract my eyes ^^ *exciting* It's Carlo Rino new arrival bag bag~ Aww... It's really pretty and elegant enough~ ♥ Yet, it's too expensive for me, rm400++...@.@ So, going back home afterwards, haha! =P

Noon, brought my niece, who is the Angel Princess of our family, went down to the playground locates at the ground floor of apartment~ She was extremely excited at the playground, sitting and jumping on the "horse" and "aeroplane", Hehe! Cute ^^

Here she is our Angel princess~ Adorable like an angel~ We all her so muchie~

She was exciting on playing this toy horse, Hehe~ =)

There is a "leg massage area" like this on the playground too~ When I was walking on this floor, I was keep shouting "Ouch Ouch Ouch, mommy, very pain..." <-- Repeat hundreds times.. Haha! =P But my mommy able to walk on this "torturing floor" for hundreds steps! Salute her ^^ She is always healthy like I pray~

Okay, proceed to today~

We were going back to my hometown, SP to visit my grandma and grandpa~
It has been one month I didn't go back to there and I haven realize it until my mommy told me, Haha! So bad..

Unconsciously, found out my old albums~ It did refreshing my sweet memories when I was a kid and there are also some interesting photos when I was studying at KMPK and when I was undergoing my National Service, Hehe! =) Post below will be flooding by photos, Hehe!

 Nah, here is my old album~ I really have a long long time din wash the photos or print the photos into pieces odi~ Only keeping sofcopy and I guess all of u do the similar thing wif me~ =)

I duno how old am I in this photo, maybe 1 or 2 years old? Hehe! Holding battery in hands and dancing? Yo~ I'm so adorable since I'm kids, wahahahaha! (SS-ing~~ XD)

Yeah, my eldest sister was hugging me~ She sayang me very muchie~ Until now, she does so~ Sayang her too~ Hehe! (Yet, it's quite sad because I can't find any photos with my mommy when I was a baby...=( Nvrmind, I try to find out next next week, hehe! =P)

Taking photo with my eldest sis and 2nd sis~ And the artistic umbrella behind us is the umbrella presented by my auntie to me ^^ I still can remember how happy I was at that time, hehe! *big wide smile* =)

Became little model of  my neighbor auntie, took photos everywhere, even sitting on the car owned by my grandpa, haha! I'm so cutie, wakakakakaka! =P

My National Service time at Dusun Minda Resort, Kuala Nerang. Do knows lots of nice friends at there, and have done so much things that I never do before at there~ Interesting although just one month time~ =) (Can you all spot me inside this photo? It's quite difficult I know la, Hehe! I was just standing on the left hand side of the ketua jurulatih if you looking on the photo~ kakaz!)

Matriculation time at KMPK ~ Memorable study time. Meets one geng of best friends who can play around and study together~ Really appreciate the friendship among us and I promise will treasure it~ Best friends forever~

That's all for my post~ Don't forget to help me clicks those ads yea~ Thanks ^^

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