Friday, July 16, 2010

Complicated Feelings' Day


Yesterday was really a complicated feelings's day~

Why would I said is a complicated feeling ler? Because many things happened yesterday, happy mixed with disappointed mixed wif touching mixed with sweet and etc...@.@ (very complicated ler~ I think so~ =P)

Emm, let's starts with the day during the my working hours~

On the half way of working, my mind suddenly pop up Big Apple Durian flavour doughnut! Omg, I really can't bear with the sweet and heavy durian fragnance..(Saliva drooling~~ )*_* Telling hubby about my thinking, we decided to go JCo in Queensbay Mall right after working ^^ Why we didn't go for Big Apple, we wish to do so but Big Apple only available in Gurney Plaza if not mistaken la, is too far for us le la~ From that moment on, my mind only fulled with variety of doughnuts! Only excited can be used to describe my feelings at that moment,haha!

Unfortunately, the excited moment didn't last longer... After going to meet up hubby in Mayang Mall (hubby's working place), heard some news that cause my mood dropped from the highest to the lowest, bad mood indeed... Disappointed much...
On that short period of time, have the idea to cancel going for JCo yet hubby insist to go too, so we were heading there though~ On the way going, being comforted by hubby and I have become happier because has been realised that it's useless to be sad if it's happened. So, better to be cheer up and find solution. Thanks hubby ~ ♥

Camwhored inside the car

After 10 mins, reached QB lu~ first time v parked at open area car park o~ Due to the heavy rain before, the sand floor was fulled of holes filled up with water, we were riding like sitting "pong pong che" that time, really sweat =.=|| But it's kinda cheap if park at there because only RM1.50 per entry, it's worthwhile~ hehe =P

Using the back entrance of JCo, we went to choose our doughnuts lu~ We chose half dozen pack with total of 6 flavours of doughnuts~ =) Here they are ~ Ohya, we were not having doughnuts there because we have dinner in Kim Garry, we have the free dish voucher of July~ Hehe! We ordered a set meal, Cheese Baked Rice With Unagi and Abalone Slices~ Yup, we shared one meal~ Because we still have 6 doughnuts ma~ Hehe! The Cheese Baked Rice really taste good and full too~

 JCo's Doughnuts

Kim Garry's Set Meal

Then, we left QB and were heading to find my best friend, yin man lu~ Hehe! It has been really a long time we didn't meet each other although we are in same U..@.@ Miss her and Miao Ni a lot,really..=( Last night juz met up her to take the chocolates she helped me to buy when she travelled to Langkawi last week with another 3 friends of us ~ They did enjoy an interesting and exciting trip ~ ♥ And knowing Ah Man present me one bar of chocolate, I was really touching at that time, no doubt.. >_< Feeling so warm by realising that there are still some friends who are really care and love me, indeed a long time I didn't experience this feeling... Don't ask me why, because it really happens on me... Thanks so much to friends who are still caring and loving me, I really appreciate it, Love you all~ Muacks~ ♥ Finishing the touching story, move to the cooking sessions lu~ Hehe! Hubby and me cooked Tong Shui lu~ =P The ingredients required are 白木耳,红枣,干龙眼,凉粉,Nata De Coco and 冰糖~ It's really extremely easy to cook, just dump 白木耳,红枣,干龙眼, 凉粉 inside the water that has been cooked together with the sugar, then put Nata De Coco on the tong shui that has been finish cooked as topping, the dish is done~ wakaka! The Tong Shui tasted sweet and nice, but the 凉粉 melted inside the Tong Shui therefore the tong shui is a bit sticky...@.@ Next time, should'nt cook the 凉粉, just put as topping with Nata De Coco will do ~ =) 

 Our First Cooked Tong Shui 

The Chocolates That Bought By My Lovely Friend, Yin Man's 

The Chocolate They present Me ** Smiling ** 

Hubby ♥

Hubby's bear bear named 'Honey' **Sweet** 

Viewing back the photos of doughnuts, I know that everyone's life will be colourful as the doughnuts' decoration too, just depends on how we are thinking about things happen in our lives and how we are treating people besides us~ ♥

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