Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bought a new Camera @ Olympus 5010 ♥

Yeah~ Finally I own a camera le lu~

Yesterday, which is hubby n me 's 9 months anniversary, we decided to buy a new camera together ^^ And we have chosen Olympus 5010 due to its interesting functions and reasonable price ~ ♥

Next post's pictures will be taken by this lovely camera le lu~ Hehe!

Time passes like wind, we have been together for a quite long time odi~ Yet, our relationship will only stronger and deeper along with the flying of time ~ Love you so much hubby ~ ♥


  1. Yo..Hw 2 choose camera?
    Hw u knw which 1 is gd wor? ><
    Hehe =)

  2. Emm,depends on wat u requires on camera lo.. Coz I juz demand on good resolution and functions, so I pick this one~ =)

    Going into camera shop, ask the promoters lu~ They will demo to u each of the cameras (If they r nice la,kakaz!)=P