Sunday, December 26, 2010

My 2010 Christmas Eve ♥

Hey people, how did you celebrated your Christmas Eve? I know some of you might travel to somewhere to celebrate your white Christmas, or went to some hot spots to count down or stay at home with families ~ C:

I wish I could have a Christmas gathering party, exchanging presents and makan makan with friends at first but it failed with unknown reason, Haha! It's okay ~ End up went to the Autocity, Juru ! Going there for only one reason, Hebe went there on Christmas Eve ! =D Although Bi and me are not her super fans, we still would like to meet her real person geh ~ XD

Okay, let's start with our lunch on that day ~ Went to have famous yam rice @ BM which locates at Sentosa ~ Yummy ! :3 (Non - halal.)

Then, we went back home and getting prepare for the outing at night ~  Due to the time constraint (Must go out earlier as the congestion might kill us if going out late ! >_< ), so we went out at about 7pm ~ Luckily, the traffic was so smooth along the way we went to Autocity ~ wohoo ~~~ XD

Reached there and found a parking place easily although the parking place was almost fulled, we were indeed lucky ~ Hehe! Then, went to take dinner @ Nando's ~ 

After that, having some walk at the flea market ~ Lot's of girly stuffs are sold there such as trendy clothes, dresses, bags, hair bands, pins and accessories ~ Indeed a girls' shopping paradise as the prices are quite reasonable ~ ♥ Bought two hair bands, Hehe!

Around 9pm, went in to the crowd in front of the stage as the official website of Autocity announced that Hebe was coming at 9pm ~ Quite a large number of people waited at there already ~ Waiting and waiting anf waiting ~ Finally, Hebe came and sang at around 10:30pm ~ Lol... =.=|| She sang and play some activities with her selected fans, lots of fun @ there ~ After that, Bi and me moved to other zones of Autocity where there was a BIG SALES of Pacific ! =D Bi bought a pair of Nike shoes at there, 50% !! Rarely Nike will have 50% you know, wahaha!

Following photos are Hebe !! C:

Fireworks at 12am of 25/12/2010 ! Yet, it last only 1 minutes ++ ~ =.=||

There and then, my Christmas Eve has passed ~ Few days later, new year is coming ! A new year must have new resolutions ~ I have my new resolutions on 2011 already, how about yours? Wish all of us can  achieve all of our resolutions in coming year ~

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