Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Days @ Vietnam

Hi ! Hello ! Hai ! Minasan ~

I know this blog is very dusty and fulled of spider net, yet, I'm not purposely to do that ~ *Big watery eyes*
2 weeks had been spent at Vietnam when day times went to Intel, Vietnam to have some programs while the night times went to walked walked + online chat with family, Dear boyfriend and DIEN IIA Vietnam friends ~ Was a full scheduled girl before, Hehe!

After coming back from there, busy sleeping + dating ~ Wahaha!

Not forget, joined Bi's buddies gathering at Mcd Autocity and BBQ party @ Batu Feringi, Penang too ~ They are so fun and cute, good memories ~ C:

Now going to update my blog with the memories @ Vietnam ~ =D But, there are too much photos to share of. Thus, only selected photos will be posted here ~ Pixies time ^^

At the Penang Airport on the first day ~ Preparing to get our flight to KL ~ Took photo with Aisyah. The feeling at that time was nervous, excited and worried, Lol. =P

The scene above the journey of Penang - KL ~ The sun haven rise yet, the cloud is clearly seen already ~ So pretty ~

The flight meal taste BAD ! Geli max, I mean the noodle @.@ Luckily, the Ferrero Rocher comforted me little bit ~ XD

The sky above Vietnam ~ The packed population can be seen ~ The houses or building are located near to each other ~

Can see those buildings? So unique right? All of them are so close to each other and they are different from each other ~ C:

Our very first meal @ Vietnam, KFC ! This is because we were not familiar with there yet and KFC is the only nearest restaurant we can find at that time, kakaz! Egg tart is sold at KFC, Vietnam ~ And they taste good ! =D

The first dinner at Halal @ Saigon ~ I have realized that Vietnamese LOVE to eat vegetables a lot !! I can prove to you in the following pics, almost every meal, they will serve a big plate or big bowl of vegetables (uncooked) for you ~~~~ @.@ Besides that, they LOVE to eat spring roll ! Either is self made spring roll or ready spring roll, you can find them everywhere in Vietnam ~ C:

See? Vege again ~~ The famous food @ Vietnam, Pho (pronounce as "fur") ~ I think local people love this very much. Yet, almost all of us didn't finish it because some of the vege taste bitter and weird =.= Anyway, a good try ~ =D

SS-ing inside the fitness center @ Intel, Vietnam ~ Their factory is huge ! If not mistaken, the space can occupy 8 football fields, standard football fields o ! =D They have Chill room, Play room, Fitness Center, War room and many others facilities for their employees~

Took photo with Dien (Crazy in Vietnamese) Dear ChiaoLing inside the cubicle ~ C: Wondering why we were wearing the same clothes? Yea, that was the uniform provided by USM ~ =.=

The cafeteria ~

The massage chairs are provided for FOC ~ Rajan was enjoying the massage chair ~ Haha!

The most famous game during our rest time, futsal ~ These two girls are the experts in this game, Amalina and Errnie ~ =D By the way, they are funny and cute ~ =)

The plug @ Vietnam is interesting, they didn't have On Off button together with the plug, Haha!

During the presentation @ Intel ~ My team concentrated on listening others' presentation ~ Hehe!

Jiang Jiang ! Our turn ~ All of us looked so happy, duno why ~ XD

The noodle with the name of "Bun OC", again, served together with a big big plate of vege =.= Some more is tauge ! Luckily was not mine ~ =D

Vietnamese didn't have McD. They have Lotteria instead ~ C: Lotteria's menu is almost same as the McD's menu. Lol.

Took photo with the IT team in Intel ~ =)

Computer Science students took photo with the IT buddy. He is so friendly and his English impressed me a lot. C: He has his secondary school @ California and has his university study @ London. Such a good qualification of academic, Hehe!

Yeah, she is my Dien Dear roommate, named Jesrin ~ A pretty lady yet Dien ~ XD Okay enough, she is cute and friendly ~ Thanks for your caring along the two weeks time ~  

You can see a lot of people selling besides the road. They sell variety of things such as food, shirts and even dolls ~

Taking photo besides the road ~ Haha! Just joking, actually wanted to take photo with the lighting decoration at the shopping mall behind me, can see the red color bulbs ? Yea C:

The Ho Chi Minh statue ! 

Most of the taxis at Vietnam are Toyota Innova ~ Cool right? On the road, most of the cars are Toyota brand, Hehe!

The famous church ~ (Sorry, I forgot the name of the church, Hehe! XP)

We went to the War Museum. This museum recorded and kept lots of pictures or photos during the war time with US. Lots of Vietnamese suffered from the war especially when the US Army spread the chemical thingy around the areas. Innocent babies are affected from this. We saw few numbers of European cried while watching the photos. T_T

This photo is so meaningful. The young US kid is forced to become an army at that time.

There are lots of combat aircrafts outside the museum ~ 

Another big bowl of vegetables is served ~ XD

The pork mee soup ~ Non halal.

We went to Cu Chi Tunnel. A place where Vietnamese built the underground tunnel in order to survive during the wartime with US. The local people was explaining the overall structure of the underground tunnel to us ~ 

Group picture ! Actually we were taking this photo together with a tank, can you spot that? I think no because the tank was flooded and covered by us. Lol.

They have lots of self made weapons and all of them are scary >_< Showed some of them for you in below.

The lady was making the rice paper that Vietnamese use to wrap the spring roll ~

Took photo with the lovely girls on the root of one shopping mall ~ (forgot the name already =.=)

Visited to RMIT, Vietnam ~ A great university ~ C:

Met the group of Japanese International kindergarten's kids @ the zoo, they are so cute ! C:

Group pix !

The white color tiger ! We have a close distance time with him, Haha! 

 Went to watch the famous water puppet show ~ 

 This is the stage where the local people performs the show ~ Quite a unique experience ~ C:

Another big bowl of vegetables is served ! XD

 The yummy pancake with mushroom, pork and shrimps as filling ~

 The shrimp spring roll ~

 The shrimps cake ~ 

 The Independent Palace ~ 

 My Birthday cake ~ Touched with the celebration, thanks to all ~

I don't have any idea why the Dien Jesrin was laughing behind me when I was cutting the cake, Haha! XD

Okay, gonna to end my post today as I'm late for bed now ~ It's now 3:03am now =.=||
Nights all ~

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  1. Very nice page. Well done. I am from vietnam and i miss Vietnam so much. I see you have a great time in our country :)