Thursday, December 30, 2010

25122010 ♥

On the white Christmas day, went to Jusco, BM together with my Bi ~

Just did some simple window shoppings although there were a lot of crazy sales there ! Oreef was having their 70% sales on that day ~ So did Padini Authentic ~ XD

Have our lunch at Boston 又一成 which locates inside the mall. I swear after that time, I won't step in that restaurant again ! Their services are noob until the max ! (Sorry for the rudeness >_<" , but I'm really unsatisfied with their services !) The waiters were showing faces to us and when they served the ordered dishes for us, they were like smashing the plates on our table, just like very reluctant to serve us ! NOOB ~ Due to the unsatisfactory, I'm not going to post any photos captured in that restaurant ~ =)

Okay, finished complaining ~ Last post about Christmas Eve, forgot to attach Bi's new Nike shoes, here it is ~ =)

New year is coming ! Have you planned about your celebration on that day ? Hehe! I have planned it ! =) Waiting for that day ~ ♥ 

Happy New Year in advanced to everyone of you ~


  1. celebration syok....hehe...

  2. ChriSsy, normal shopping only wor ~ You oso got go out geh right? Hehe! =D

  3. the service of Boston at AUtocity is better i think. =)
    but i know tat the food there was nice...(a bit expensive, but worth^^).
    went there once, if got chance will visit again. better than go Old TOwn. haha~

  4. Yvonne, really? Then I will try out that Boston outlet if have chance ~ Thanks for your comment ^^ =)

  5. u shasha go bostom..i never step in the restaurant 1yr ago..