Saturday, March 24, 2012

24032012 ♥

That was a pretty Saturday ~

Unlike the usual weekend, we stay at PG for our dating day, haha!

Scheduled to go shopping first, then dinner at Delicious ~ Have been long waited to try out Delicious as I have heard their desserts are good :)

Shopping is always the favourite leisure activities of ladies, I believe, no matter is just window shopping, hehe!
Bought one jacket for myself, satisfied :D

Have brunch at Home Recipe, their food is nice and worthy :) Oops, just realised I didn't capture about the food @.@

I was drinking the drink named "Doraemon", the fruit juice which is the mixture of apple, carrot and orange. Wondering why the orange colour juice is named Doraemon?...

Next station was Straits Quay, lots of people were visiting during weekend.

One foreigner kid was cute enough to sit besides bf when we were capturing photo, so here he is, hehe! He's cute right? :p

Yay, finally tried out food and desserts @ Delicious ^^

Tried out their Carbonara Spaghetti and Hainan Style Chicken Chop ~ I love the Carbonara Spaghetti a lots ! ♥ Yet, the portion is too big, suggest to be shared among two persons :) While the Hainan Style Chicken Chop is delicious as well, but a little bit oily for me :p

The Ice Chocolate, yums :)

Besides that, absolutely we won't miss the chance to try their dessert ~ Believe me, you will be happy enough when you are looking at their dessert corner, hehe! Their desserts are beautiful and attractive enough to "seduce" us, HAHA! 

We chose to try the Classic Chocolate Cake on that night ~ ♥ ♥ The chocolate cake is super yummy ! :D If you are a chocolate lover, you will be addicted to this for sure :)

After the super full meal, having a walk along the sea ~

That's all for the dating day ~

P/s : Work hard :D


  1. wanna try the food too,the Delicious. (@.@)
    oh ya, i love how the brown little dress match with ur skin tone. (^.~)

  2. Delicious is a must try ^^ Remember to try out their desserts :) Thanks for your compliment ~

  3. its very useful post,,,,
    thank you ......