Friday, March 23, 2012


Wow, can't believe that there has been two months ++ I haven't update my bloggie already... Failed blogger I am...

Actually nothing can be updated here, just feel like updating my bloggie, hehe!

Ohh... About my previous post, it was updated because I was really mad to the promoter, hahaha! After submitting my feedback (erm, precisely should be complaint) via various channels such as official website, customer service... At the end, that particular stupid promoter get what she deserved to get, HAHA! (Not getting fired la...) Honestly, I'm very happy, wohoo ~ :p What to do? Customers are the 'Biggest' :p

Recently I've been engaged to work... and... addicted to Running Man ! =D Really love the show a lot ^^ My loves are Gary and Jihyo, haha! How sweet they are ♥ ♥ Unfortunately, I'm stucked at episode 77, hope that another RM supplier can be found, haha!

Gonna end my post with these lovely pic (from Google) Wish I can drop by here more frequently :)

P/s : Waiting for the end of June

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