Friday, February 4, 2011

First Day of CNY 2010 ~ ♥

Ahaaaa ~ It was Chu Yi yesterday ~

Time is really flying like a rocket or meteor or even light, is really darn fast !!

Seems like the past second we were still count down - ing cny, the next second, it was chu yi already ~ Omg !

But I prefer the days before CNY, the atmosphere is really great, everyone is having the peak CNY mood ! =)

Chu Yi, after bai nian with eldest in family in the morning, just wandering around the home doing nothing, Lol...

Noon, went for a movie "I Love Hong Kong" with friends ~ They are still so lovely ~ ♥ After that, chill out with them at Secret Receipe ~

Pic with bestie ~ ♥

Night, wandering around my home and watching tv again ~ haha! Chu yi is always so bored ~ Haha!

How did you celebrated your first day of CNY?

Bi was celebrating with his friends too ~ Hehe!

Angpao of this year is decreasing significantly, in terms of amount and quantity, so sad ~ But it's ok la, angpao is just the blessing from eldest to younger ~ I understand that ~~ (>_<")

Online-ing at grandma's house now, gonna go now ~
Bye lovelies!

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