Friday, June 24, 2011

Post After Decades... =D

Hahaha ~
I know right, there has been decades I didn't update my bloggie already ~
I know I'm really lazzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ~ =P

After completing the Oracle course, just one week after, I have already started my working life ~
Now I'm really REGRET for not taking a longer rest time before starting to work ! >_<"
Haiz... Nevermind la ~ Next time can take annual leaves for travelling, Yeah ^^ *Awaiting*

Erm, how's my work?
So far not so good lo ~ Hahahaha...
Still adapting...
Facing lots of the machine's codes that I haven't seen before... OMG...
Compared to this kind of software which is interacting directly with the hardware such as machine, I still prefer to develop only software because it's easier, hahahaha! (Lame excuse I know ~~~ =P)
Yet, learning new thing is not a harm ~
That's why I'm still giving out a try to continue stay in the company and continue to fight with those alien machine's code, haha! *At least at this moment I'm still not leaving =P*
It's tough and challenging...
Ga Yau ^^

Besides, attending an intensive car driving lesson recently, the trainer is my Bi ~ ♥ ♥
To be frankly, I never drive on the road after taking my driving license, Lol...
And, after this month, I would be driving alone to work ~ * Unbelievable right? Haha*
Therefore, here is the intensive driving lesson ~
Or else, you will be watching a car driving like a snake or turtle on the Pg road starting on next month ! Hahahahahahahahahahah.... XD

Special thanks for my Bi for fetching me go for working these 3 weeks although you even haven't start working... *Touch*
Promise you, is my turn to drive you after catching up the skill, Muahahahaha! =))
Yeah ~~~~~ =D
Love you ~~~ Muazz ! ♥ ♥

Okay, it's kinda boring a blog post without any photos ~
Here are some photos taken when we went for Master Choo Kitchen N-weeks ago, Lol...
Nice environment and decoration indeed but their food is either too salty or too cheesy, over HEAVY flavor... @.@
But their egg tart is NICE ! =))

Nice ambience right?

 Bi ~ ♥

 Fatty me ~ >_<

Original flavour egg tart taste better ~ =))

Time to sleep again ~ =D
Will update more if I'm free ~ 
Kinda miss those time when I was updating my bloggie frequently ~ =))
Lastly, wish Good Luck to all my friends who are going to start working ^^

BurBye and Nighty all ~ ♥ ♥

P/s : I will really try harder...


  1. Your job just same as pikling one, haha...tapi gambateh la...really hard pun~ even me also have to teach her concept things, haha...

    driving ar, careful abit...penang lang drive abit crazy de...haha...

  2. Ic.. Just the physical thingy tough a bit lo.. Good Luck to her too ^^

  3. haha...yaya...especially u wan know what that machine doing...thx ur wishes too ^^ will pass to her tonite =p