Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have you taken Froyo ? ♥

Yeah ! This post going to be a English post ! =D

Erm, do you guys know what is Froyo ? I guess some of you might know it ~ Because it's gaining popularity in every corners of the world, as well as Malaysia ! =)

Froyo is Frozen Yogurt, Froyo ^^

It's gaining popularity among the kids and adults because it can be taken for healthy benefits and also as a snack ~ Hehe !

Last week, went to try out the Froyo at Tutti Frutti with Bi ~

The outlet is having a very nice environment, definitely a good chilling place with your friends, family or lovers ~

Then, you can start to make your own Froyo la ~

How ler?

First, choose your own Froyo cups, there are three types of cups for your choices, small, medium and big ~

Next, choose your favorite frozen yogurt ~ There are plenty types of frozen yogurt such as Original flavour, Strawberry, Chocolate and  Tutti Frutti ~

Bi and I have mixed the frozen yogurt of Original, Strawberry and Tutti Frutti ~

Then, choose your own topping for your Froyo ~

A lots of topping are provided for you to take and decorate your Froyo such as strawberry, kiwi, banana, peanuts, chocolate chips, bear bear gummies and many others ~~

Lastly, pass your Froyo to the Tutti Frutti waitress, then weigh your Froyo and pay ~ =P
Fyi, our Froyo cost us rm17++ ! Omg 0.0

Luckily they are having 20% discount promotions on happy hour, which is during weekdays from... (Sorry, forgotten the time already, Haha! XD )

So, left rm15++, I know still quite expensive, Lol...

Yet, after tasting the Froyo, it's really nice !

The frozen yogurt is very very smooth and it's taste sour + sweet, perfect match ~ ♥ ♥

I bet most of the girls will definitely love it ^^

I Love it Love it ^^

And both of us love the Strawberry Flavour, you guys can try it out next time ^^

Tutti Frutti is having a branch somewhere nearby Quensbay Mall and another outlet inside Island Plaza, have a try ~ =)

Okay, it's time to show another lovely things that I have found out recently ~ Hehe !

The first one is ~~ Smooooooo Milk ~

This milk taste good, haha ! And you can get it from Tesco at rm0.99 only, very cheap right ? =D

The second one is ~~ Good Night Milk ~

After drinking this milk, you can really have a good quality sleep, can sleep well ~ I have tried it and it works for me ~ But I don't know have any idea what has been added in so that it can make people fall asleep easily.. @.@ Sleeping pill ? Anyone knows ? Whenever I see the Good night milk, make me feel wanna sing : "Good Night, Good Night ~ Good Night My Love ~" Hahaha ! =P

The last one is ~~ Bear Bear biscuit ^^

This bear shape little biscuit is different from the other bear bear biscuit ~ Because, inside the bear bear biscuit, is the melting chocolate, not the solid chocolate ~ It's yummy ^^

Show ends, Haha !

Emm, last Thursday, my second niece has came to this world ~ Yeah !

Little little baby is very cute and she even has dimples on her cute face, lagi cute ^^
Wishing little little baby growing healthily ~ =)

And we still love En En very much, En En don't jealous le yea ~ Hahaha ! =P

It's time for movie ~ See you ^^

P/s : Love my family, Bi & friends ~ Finding job is the next mission ~


  1. kakakz.. FROYO! not cheap hor

  2. yealu, quite expensive @.@ But try once ok la ~ haha!

  3. Yummy, look delicious, Can't wait to try it also.