Friday, May 7, 2010

Next time I MUST enter CASINO!!


Our bus departed from BM finally~ Act the bus delayed jor 1hr neh.. The bus is quite ok de, the space between the front seat and the back seat is wide enough,so i was sleeping like a pig at dat night,hehe!


V have reached Genting liao lu~ v have reached earlier than the estimated time ler, that means v nid to "growing mushroom" more than the estimated time because the check in time is 9am! Omg...@.@

~In the lobby of FWH~

Rather than sitting or sleeping in the lobby of FWH during the waiting time, both of us walked around the indoor places. Due to the damn early time, all the streets are empty,haha!

~Empty street~

After 'lepak-ing' a while, v went to McD having our breakfast lu~ v have ordered 2 pk burgers, both of them are not delicious at all!! The bread was hard like stone and the tamago was tasteless...S***.. But this meal has cost us RM30++ odi.. I swear I will nvr eat McD breakfast again... Hmp...

~ The bread is very "deng" ! Haha! ~

Finally v have checked in n got a room! 11-818~ After taking bath and eating some snacks, v went out gai gai again lu~ Hehe! Taking photos everywhere like a siao lang, buying food to eat, shopping and the most interesting 1 is play pool! wakaka! My hubby who is the expert of pool taught me to play n v have spent almost 2hr++ play at there,kakaz! It's interesting ^^ Anyone who wants to play pool rmb to invite me, hehe! =}

~ Arranging the balls ~

~ One of the interesting icon that v snapped on the direction board of flying coaster ~

Around 7pm++, v have returned to our room to take rest lu~

Hehehe! V have started our plan to enter casino illegally~ kakaz! Why said illegally ler? Because Im not yet 21st, sad..=( V have tried the 1st entry, maybe the security guard c v r young, then he required us to take out IC for him,sweat.. =.= || He insisited dat I cant enter although v persuaded him,Haiz.. Nvm! V tried the next door! The security guard at the next door oso checked our IC and the result was the same as the previous, "Dia tak boleh masuk, tak cukup umur lagi...." But dis security guard is nicer, he taught us to "selit masuk" in another entry which is bigger, but hor, wen v reached the entry, v have decided to give up.. Because the entry wan full of security guards,qi sin de....@.@

Mission failed, then v forwarded to Kenny Roger to have our dinner le,hehe! V have ordered two plates of 1 person meal, 1 is smoke BBQ chicken and another 1 is black pepper chicken. Each meal is come wif 3 side dishes and 1 muffin,Hehe! All of dem are yummy! =}

V went to the "ding ding" area to play crazily! Hahaha! After observing people to play and analyzed which machine can get ticket easily, we have started our crazy earning ticket action! Wahaha! =P After getting abundance of tickets that other people oso get shocked of, v went to exchange wif 2 bears and 1 keychain,Hehe!

~ One part of our tickets ~

Besides than that, My hubby succeeded to break the record of two drum machines! Thus, v have the chance to take photos to be kept in those two machines, Kakaz! So cool~ ^0^ Excited~

~ Taking photo wif 1 of the machines that succeeded to break record,Hehe! ~

After all the shops at there closed odi, then v went bac our room liao lu~


After checking out, v went to gai gai another side where v haven gai gai on the previous day~ But v didn't buy anything because all the things are damn expensive there..@.@

~ On the '情人桥' ~
Our bus departed from Genting n bac to BM lu~ The bus is gorgeous enough because it consists of only 18 seats and the seats are equipped wif buttons where v can adjust to suit our comfortableness, thus, v were enjoying inside there, hehe!

In a glimpse of eyes, our trip ended jor~ Enjoy time is really passing very fast! This is the 1st 2 person trip v went together~ It's really memorable and sweet~ Hehe! But it's pity that I have no chance to enter casino la~~~~~~ So I have promised myself that, the next trip to Genting, I must succeed to enter there! Kakaz! XD

Next Monday, My LI life started odi. The LI period is 5 months long, duno it will be torturing or interesting? I really hope it wont be torturing.. @.@ Gambateh la all of my friends who are going for LI too~

After the LI, must have another nice trip too! Wakaka! Waiting for it~~ =}


  1. Haha, next time ah bi only bring u go try the casino again ler ^^
    Bring honey go in "pok sat" ya kakaz!

  2. after LI go again...pick to go on ur birthday oso can..that time u can da yao da bai go in....mao them...tell them "hari ini saya 21 liao " ..wahahah...

  3. nick -> yaya, nice trip~ Hehe!

    ah bi -> yalu, next time v must can enter de ya! Go in pok sat liao,wakakakakaka! =P

    Dear -> yalu, next time go must after my birthday! throw my IC on their faces, chuen me last time,haha! XD

  4. therefore hor, we choose 06/12/2010 to go in ba, nice choice right? haha...our long holiday that time, but izit there got wrong time written? haha...tat 10am++ XD
    anywaz, both u damn enjoy lo, haha...

  5. sleeping pig..n use filthy and obscene language"deng"..=.=" hahahaz~
    enjoy ur LI~ gambatte~~xiao fang chan~

  6. wa~~ so sweeeet... ^^ last feb i been there also, n try to enter the casino, as u know, i can't get in successfully too after trying all the entrance. =_=''' then ah jian promise to bring me there on sep to celebrate my birthday. h0h0h0! then that day i don't want walk in, i want roll in infront the guard. wakakaka!!
    gambateh in ur LI ya. ^^

  7. yusheng -> wa,go on my bday o? so qi kek? wahaha! XD n yup, i wrote wrongly liao la, suppose is 10pm de,hehe! thanks ya^^

    elvin -> I like ma, cannot mie? wakaka! =P Thanks for wishes^^

    alice -> pity hor us, cant enter yet.. But u better than me since u r born on sept, im dec ler..=.=|| lol... Remember ask ah jian help u to record the rolling show at dat time ya, I wish to c dat! N I think all of us wish to c so,kakaz! XD

  8. y went to genting odi stil not enter casino..waste the chance..can enter wut, the guard vy dull 1..hv 3 entrances so v hv 3 chances to enter..
    last time i bring all frds curi curi masuk~~hahahaz~